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File: yh7fqciu1728.png (577.97 KB, 684x990, 897484__safe_solo_screenca….png)

ID: d763a No.860

Can someone please address the fact Lee has yet to hand over the Admin to someone that actually wants to do something about the site, and that certain people here are ignored regardless when Cross wanted this to be a place where anyone can say anything?

ID: 15138 No.862

File: nep37qwla800.png (365.93 KB, 627x762, 1454898894306.png)

He actually did though, last I heard Rad had all the stuff and was waiting for Cross for something, and then Zeke offered his help.
Now we're just waiting on someone to say something.

Stop being a dingus

ID: d763a No.863

File: k8iku2yz9dkw.png (90.71 KB, 240x240, 1454412572871.png)

So Lee handed his shit over, but now we have to wait for the party he handed to?


ID: cd883 No.864

File: tbkfrx3qsetc.jpg (8.12 KB, 200x199, 2195880CD61299880893544026….jpg)

> that certain people here are ignored

> when Cross wanted this to be a place where anyone can say anything

I'm not sure I quite understand the disconnect there. Could you explain it to me?

ID: 5124f No.887

Y'all niggas shit.

ID: e0690 No.892

>cross wanted it to be a place where anyone can say ANYTHING
proceeds to permaban me for sayin i wanted to be eaten alive by a loli. Without anything sexual involved. Permabans me saying "Go be a pedo somewhere else".

Yeah that sounds like people can say anything.

That being said.. its POSSIBLE it wasnt Cross that banned me, but it said co-admin, and im pretty sure Lee was admin at the time. But whatever , Rad unbanned my unjust ban so until the next Cross hates Pipes for no real apparent reason ban, i guess its ok lol.

ID: f8aac No.895

Nimbus made a shitpost thread one time that Whelp deleted, then we kept remaking it because why would you even delete that but he just kept deleting them and banned Nimbus, Ram, and someone else until Uber made a thread about it.

Rad is the hero we deserve, also Zeke if they ever wanna let him fix this broken ass site.

ID: cd883 No.898

File: wjai62s2zw8w.png (109.39 KB, 298x235, Twilight - Clopfic.png)


Actually, Cross did that from my computer while it was logged into my account. Not that I disagree with it, because from what I heard, you numbskulls were spamming the front page with that bullshit and he was just trying to confine it to a single, randomly picked thread.

ID: 069f4 No.899

no, we made a thread, it got deleted, we made another, it got deleted

after about 3 of them getting deleted we started spamming granterd at that point, sure, fire on us. But by god it was stupid

ID: c6979 No.900

File: 4vn5x782e5a8.jpg (120.61 KB, 554x309, 1464913473250.jpg)

Ah, well same thing.
The first thread had literally no reason to be deleted, thats why we spammed after that.

ID: b9f2f No.902

File: gwtnpnznz1mo.gif (208.39 KB, 201x420, _hazama_trolling__by_kaisu….gif)

Because you keep posting here.

ID: b1d54 No.903


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