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ID: b7d1e No.829

For some time now, I've been working on an imageboard software called gochan, out of frustration with how fucking horrible Kusaba is. It doesn't have quite the functionality that Kusaba X or TinyBoard has yet, but it's getting there, and right from the get-go, I made sure to focus on a good, modern GUI and clean, well documented code. Because it is written in Go, a language that compiles code into native executables (unlike PHP, which is an interpreter), it is also faster
You can try it out here: http://gochan.org
Its Github repo is here: http://github.com/eggbertx/gochan

Anyway, my point is this. To the admins/developers here, you might be interested in switching to gochan at some time in the future. GETchan has plans to move to it very soon.

What do you think?

ID: b7d1e No.830

Immediately obvious things that it doesn't have yet:
Editing posts
BBcode (coming very soon)
BBcode hotkeys
a Quick Reply box (it looks like efchan doesn't have one either). When I get BBcode down, I'm going to work on refining the ban functionality and then this
Video embeds
A catalog page

From posting here, I've noticed that efchan doesn't have a working noko/sage thing. Gochan has had that almost from the beginning.

ID: b7d1e No.831

wait…looks like it does have a QR box, but it acts strangely.

Also, not quite as obvious, but for those of you who are familiar with MySQL/MariaDB user permissions, gochan will have something similar, with the ability to change a staff member's tag and assign them to functions that they can and can't do, a little bit like an ACL.

ID: 12f01 No.833

File: 4m5do4b7xou8.jpg (18.39 KB, 300x203, profile_picture_by_glaceon….jpg)

I was trying to get ftp access from our admins to look into things a while ago, then a lot of life happened and I haven't been thinking about site issues. I think this sounds like a potential nice idea. Whatever it is, we do need to get on either updated board software or something different. A lot of shit is broken here. I see no reason for us not to try this out if its being actively maintained. I'll try again and see if there's any way to get permission to alter files on our goddam server because we've been stuck on that for an embarrassing long time now…

ID: 4b037 No.834

I'm glad you're interested! Like I said, it doesn't have the full functionality of TinyBoard yet, but it's getting there.
How familiar are you with Go and Lua?

ID: a592e No.836

Not at all! I could probably work out basics of keeping an install up and running and updated, but don't expect too much creativity from me personally. If its beyond me, we've had people who hate IT less than me who could perhaps help, but I have the basics of managing files on a server down.

Do you have any live sites running gochan that demo its functionality? Might be good for people to see examples.

I got some server details from doc Lee thankfully, so we hopefully have means to touch the server at all. Waiting on a thing from cross too. Now all we need is an actual plan, lmao. This is so not my area of expertise, lol.

ID: b7d1e No.837

I just asked, because while talking to another channer, he raised concerns that because of the fact that it's written in Go, people would be hesitant or unwilling to use it, from lack of familiarity with Go.
If you're familiar with other C-like programming languages (like most modern ones), it shouldn't be too difficult to get down the basics.
But in response to his criticism, I said I'd implement a plugin system when I got around to it. I haven't quite yet (though it should be relatively soon), but I'll likely go with Lua.
>Do you have any live sites running gochan that demo its functionality? Might be good for people to see examples
The GETchan one will be moving completely to it once I come up with a script to migrate everything (posts and images) to gochan, but otherwise, it works.
If you like, we could do the same here, host it and run the gochan server listening on port 8080 until it's fully ready.

ID: 29227 No.838

Doc has been intending to hand over the password to the owner for a while now. I'm sure once he does you will be welcomed as a little tech monkey if you want to help.

ID: 3d2c6 No.839

I've been waiting on Lee to do some basic maintenance myself for over a year now, I believe.

Good luck on that.

ID: 3f02d No.849

I've worked with Go and it's kinda nice.

Haven't seen this particular chan software.

PHP7 is dramatically faster than previous versions. If you have performance problems (you don't seem to?) look into testing that.

ID: af91b No.850

Ayyyy it's BB

ID: 83355 No.857

File: wejdgk4yfw1s.png (175.61 KB, 253x523, 140422603447.png)

The only performance issues I've run to haven't been go/gochan's fault (for unknown reasons, GETchan's server is slow as fuck)

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