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ID: 4ca62 No.195


>Materials containing any nudity including genitalia must be hidden with a NSFW(Not Safe For Work) tag. It cannot be pornographic.

And you inforced this when?

ID: ab708 No.197

File: 44qwf8t57ku8.png (1.22 MB, 800x1310, 1413856173063.png)

The staff deletes all hand-holding and walks in the park so I think they're doing fine.

ID: 9bcfb No.199

There were also anime grills which were confirmed underage that were posted.

>Any pornographic NSFW materials must be posted in NSFW tagged threads only.

The rule applies to outside NSFW threads. You can post non-pornographic nudes and stuff

ID: 29c38 No.201

File: xt6nzng82134.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, brxcia705gjk.gif)

Your reading comprehension continues to fail spectacularly.

The rules are simple, if it's porn, post it only in the NSFW threads. If it's just nudity, spoiler it or NSFW tag it(not implemented yet obviously) and you can post them outside of NSFW threads just fine.

ID: 602c7 No.720

File: z3kqz66e09vk.png (144.84 KB, 354x240, Yeah, yeah, whatever.png)

If a thread starts out with NSFW pics but lacks the tags, it's usually easier for me to just add the tag than to go around deleting threads because people forgot it in the OP. Individual NSFW pics outside of threads I usually just delete without fanfare or bans because eh, whatever. Unspoilered content in the right threads I just spoiler and move on.

If you see something that isn't being dealt with, then feel free to report it. While, in theory, we/I should look at every picture in every thread, I know that I often get lazy and only glance over things, so it's entirely possible to miss something. Reports make that a lot easier to avoid.

But literally the only bans I've ever given were warning bans or spambots. There isn't really much banning going on, if that's what you're looking for. People can generally look after themselves.

Also, like Doc said, we're fairly lenient on non-pornographic nudity.

ID: 93500 No.790

Can we post pics of Spirit Shine ? If so , can someone post me some pics of Spirit Shine ?

ID: 3137f No.905

File: c6pgzi3u70g0.png (398.31 KB, 605x802, tumblr_o5acdhVpCh1qhook5o1….png)

ID: 97edd No.951

I love you

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