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ID: 5f40d No.192

I've noticed that while you can hide an image.
If you hover the link to a post containing an image that you've hidden, the image will cease to become hidden.

Any ideas on what the cause could be/possible ETA in fixing it?

ID: bc54d No.193

The hide image javascript function, or really any new shit introduced with vichan is pretty buggy in general. Thanks for reporting the issue, at least.

>Any ideas on what the cause could be

JavaScript not being used right. Tinyboard is a mess(much less so of a mess than KusabaX, but still a mess) and vichan is basically adding this and that on top of it, so every new thing introduces some oversight.

>possible ETA in fixing it?

Sorry, I have no idea. Shouldn't be too difficult, it's just that I got no fucking time to look at someone else's entire codebase for fixing bugs in general because school's on my ass about fucking projects all the time.

I'll try to get most of the complaints addressed in /site/ within the month, but the speed is going to be REALLY slow.

ID: 32f23 No.210

Thanks for the prompt response, and I understand.

ID: bbce4 No.218

Also, tested it on my end, the hide image function works fine even in linked posts on post-hover on both my laptop and desktop, with the latest Firefox/Chrome browser.

I am not sure what's causing it. A cookie wipe/cache removal may be in order and might help.

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