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ID: 95638 No.1

Everfree Forest Channel is now live running on Tinyboard - vichan 4.9.92 branch.

This notice is provisional and subject to change as situation develops.

List updated on November 12th, 2014

Priority List

In order of priority

  • CSS porting from Alyssa's branch - Zecora theme almost done, port the rest based on Zecora
  • Navigation Bar working properly with top/bottom buttons, may require new CSS/HTML frame
  • Front page with FAQ, News, Rules and Recent Posts layout
  • Stability test Proxy/SSL/Redirect optimization
  • Phone-friendly CSS layout, currently conflicts exist
  • Resolve Google Chrome Browser Auto-fill conflict with hidden password field
  • Reworking the 'noko' functionality
  • Saged threads do not seem to display the icon correctly
  • Removing bumplocks, a.k.a. 'aging' functionality
  • Institute additional flood/spam filters and necro-filter functionality
  • Test filters to improve posting experience
  • NSFW tagging for files and NSFW tag image
  • Full WebP support for all thumbnails, including animated GIF files and WebM
  • Phone-friendly/"56k" image-hide function that replaces/hides thumbnail images for bandwidth conservation
  • Catalog function with correct layout and CSS
  • 'Ukko' All-Board enabled for moderators
  • WebM thumbnails enabled with FFMPEG binary
  • Unanimating GIF files with JavaScript causes conflict with File Hide function
  • Navigation Bar with moderation tools, may require new CSS/HTML frame
  • Expand All Images JavaScript currently not functioning correctly
  • YouTube/SoundCloud/Vocaroo auto-embedding
  • Google Analytics enabled

ID: 95638 No.223

Updated Admin Notes

  • Thumbnail extension changed to PNG format, look into WebP implementation and GIF thumbnail scripts, possible lead with GraphicsMagick
  • "Table '[REDACTED].ip_notes' doesn't exist" SQL query error in mod dashboard, problem likely with PHP scripts and DB schema not being up to date, monitor vichan git repo updates, may raise issue
  • CSS flickering box issues maybe related to span class tag

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