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ID: e21dd No.285[Reply]

So, how's that whole no "don't be a douchebag" rule thing going for you lot? Thoughts?

ID: 8add2 No.293

Things are exactly the same as before

ID: 87115 No.345

Fuck off douchebag

ID: 4906e No.347

It was too easily abusable and open to interpretation by staff. No large incidents have happened without it, so no shed tears here.

File: 14thinx8x3z0.gif (155.61 KB, 525x483, 1419314289987.gif)

ID: c030e No.319[Reply]

Even more issues on thumbnails: animated gifs no long autoplay as a thumbnail. Perhaps due to the change in the thumbnail extensions. For example, >>1 still has an animated icon, the OP for this does not.

Some WebM uploads have a first-frame preview while others do not. >>>/eftest/424 has a play button thumbnail while >>>/eftest/425 has a frame preview thumbnail. Any idea what's causing this?

Also you can't hide individual WebMs like you can hide individual pictures. Just thought I'd point it out. You can thank Goats for making me realize this.
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ID: c3883 No.323

Wish animated gifs were back on. I liked them and never had issues on my mobile. Bummer

ID: 419df No.324

File: fvzywbl372m8.webm (327.62 KB, 663x603, Damn it feels good to be ….webm)

>Animated gif thumbnails were completely disabled to improve compatibility with mobile devices and because they are obnoxious.
I understand on mobile but why completely? There has been an option to enable or disable them from the beginning. Just disable it by default for phones and give an option to enable (like there actually is in the options, useless or not). Why would that be changed?

And yeah WebMs are magical. I know one WebM that Speedy made me has the preview but the one I made from a gif in ffmpeg lacks one (pic related).

ID: f04e3 No.334

The inbuilt option that comes with vichan that your'e talking about is better described as an option to load animated gif thumbnails and play them or load animated gif thumbnails and not play them. Turning off animation did not save bandwidth the way they chose to implement it.

To really have it both ways you'd need to set the site up to make two thumbnail images every time a gif gets posted, then serve the correct set of thumbnails to people based on their options, which would require implementing some kind of client/server dialogue based on your settings that doesn't currently exist, as the current options menu handles stuff completely client side here the way it is now.

It's not like it's outside the realm of technical possibility, but it's practically unrealistic to expect Doc to build his own vichan branch halfway from the ground up for such a minor feature. We're still waiting on, for example, comparatively easy several lines of code type fixes for an autofill bug that's about as frustrating as tearing your fingernails out with pliers in the mod interface.

Alternatively you could set small file size limits that would force reasonably sized gif thumbnails all around? Doubt people would be happy then either as the offending images would just get bounced when you try to post them.

ID: f5421 No.317[Reply]

Go to bottom button for mobile when?

File: tejbtjef7aww.png (19.29 KB, 583x293, 1413999843924.png)

ID: bd833 No.305[Reply]

Hey Doc Lee and Cross Breeze, KoG here. Just wondering if the crazyness of setting up efchan has passed and if you're ready to receive your medals.

Also, how hard is it to set up vichan? I'm looking to set it up on GETchan, but I have no experience with this sort of thing.

ID: e62bd No.310

File: m1pt8l6rukg0.jpg (596.97 KB, 1847x1690, christmas_luna_by_chuckybb….jpg)

Sorry for the lack of contact, I have not been online for quite some time now, done with final exams and what not.

I'll send you an email on your address as it is displayed on GETchan/UnitedChans page with my address and his today.

>how hard is it to set up vichan

About as hard as setting up Tinyboard and its derivatives/KusabaX and so on.

The real hard part is patching up all the missing bits and experimental features from vichan up to standard, and as you can see, efchan itself hasn't done exactly a great job of that, which I'll have to fix eventually. Might wanna get some technical help with someone more available though I am more than happy to answer specific technical questions and what not. Just a forewarning though, I am not that good with vichan either.

ID: dfe89 No.297[Reply]

Does it mean "Reply?"

Theres nothing clickable on that line.

ID: 17bcd No.299

am I supposed to see those IPs

ID: 09bcd No.301


Yes. It's a typo on the developer's part who isn't me.

File: ol22rbv1375s.jpg (134.19 KB, 900x582, OhShitWhatTheFuckIsHappene….jpg)

ID: 1f1b3 No.261[Reply]

>Posting something
>Everything is alright
>Posting something after
>Username + Trips being deleted and post being made by anonymous
>Cookies not even saved
Doc, can you fix it?

ID: bf017 No.264

The site doesn't have the ability to magically delete your autofill/cookie data so I am fairly sure it's a client side issue, but I could be wrong.

File: unbvekxv65fk.jpg (34.48 KB, 354x390, moon_butt (245).jpg)

ID: bde94 No.257[Reply]

I get this occasionally when trying to post a .gif.

I don't understand it, Jun.

ID: 3ba5b No.258

just don't post gifs

post webms instead

File: w9f428h2hbsw.jpg (28.8 KB, 309x500, 1415012988080.jpg)

ID: aafde No.248[Reply]

Philosophical discussion:

Ignore the fact that youre all used to it...

Should the comment box be on the bottom of the page?
Thats where your comment goes, youd see new stuff as you type, and its really not beneficial to be at the top of the page.
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ID: d81f8 No.252

>like some weird string of code appearing in the subject box…
I've never had that happen to me. (Firefox 31 on Linux, and previously, on old /ef/, ancient Chrome on ancient Linux.)

ID: fd8a9 No.253

File: g15n2vy8sqv4.png (170.48 KB, 1014x1000, discord_rule 63_eris_artis….png)

I like the sound of it, even though you could just have the reply box floating right next to the bottom of the thread in any event the page updates while typing a post.

If anything I'd vouch for an option to see the board with the reply box down at the page and have all recent/recently posted threads be ascending as well, that way it's not too jarring going from the box being at the bottom to then have the thread reload you to the board with it at the top alongside with other just-posted materials.

Sounds weird but everyone's different, like I play inverted in any event I need a controller, etc.

ID: 09eb4 No.254

File: 1kpe8kd8cl3k.jpg (2.81 MB, 3500x4300, e5d146d572a42a715376db062e….jpg)

Not really philosophical so much as an User Experience/Interface issue, which, funny enough, something I am doing right now as a part of my job/education.

It's an idea with merit, I need to consider the ramifications of it a bit first and then if it's doable for me at all, though I am usually hesitant to change things, what with 'don't fix what ain't broke' and all.

File: 6h6otglvvchs.jpg (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 1409128772381.jpg)

ID: 1250d No.237[Reply]

So, I've had this error sometimes, and it takes days to go away.
This error makes me unable to post, saying that I'm in a proxy that isn't allowed or something like that.
I emailed the admin and it was solved, but then it came back, and then it left, just like that.
I'd like to know why does that happen and what can I do to solve it.

ID: bd1ec No.240

You're the one who sent an email with a Chile IP address, yes?

I'll take a look at our blacklist range.

ID: bd1ec No.241

Your IP address range was listed on http://dnsbl.sorbs.net/ , a public blacklist site. Since it's not maintained by me and we only dynamically receive a list from them and other public blacklists, I have no control or idea over why your IP range was blacklisted/un-blacklisted.

You would have to contact http://dnsbl.sorbs.net/ or your Internet Service Provider about this and check with them, out of my hands.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. My guess is that someone on your IP range did some unsavory things.

ID: 39dd5 No.799


File: t9xahrn2hbeo.png (260.68 KB, 600x800, 688433__safe_queen chrysal….png)

ID: 03b77 No.225[Reply]

Because I figured that'd allow a very different way to look at /ef/ no matter what state I'm in.

But yet when I hovered over a post link to another post it showed the name of the poster who posted it, if they had an actual name associated with their post.

This is still a WIP, isn't it Jun?
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ID: 03b77 No.227

File: pdav10jrdhc0.png (786.94 KB, 800x600, reaction (31).png)

I see, 'cause even without post-hovering, when I check in the options menu to make sure forced anon is still a thing it continues to show anon but isn't checked off like it is in said menu.

ID: 3566b No.235

You really need to work on your priorities.

ID: 87dd8 No.236

I already am working on school stuff.

File: w1ypa166l24g.png (76.65 KB, 261x350, 1415469240130.png)

ID: bc6c7 No.230[Reply]

Just so you know there's a CP thread on /ef/.
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ID: bc6c7 No.232

Your welcome

ID: c3f56 No.233

Standard report should suffice, no need for thread on /site/.

ID: d19d4 No.234


He's trying to earn a gold star like the OP image says, man. Give him his gold star or you'll never hear the end of it.

File: m11d5zolx5a8.jpg (340.93 KB, 1920x1080, Katawa Shouko Gravity Fall….jpg)

ID: 4e46a No.181[Reply]

Flood control will block a deleted and reposted post. If someone forgets their image, deletes the post as a result, and tries to repost with the same text it'll hit flood control. This may be a feature to stop spammers or might just be a glitch, but I thought I'd bring it up. Despite claims that the filter should be working as the same as on old /ef/, this didn't occur there as this is a mistake I make a lot.

ID: 79029 No.184

It seems that multiple people are having issues with flood filters, this warrants some investigation. I'll report back when I find something.

ID: 39415 No.219

Flood detector a shit

ID: 3d20b No.229


File: zl9hmo0dfocg.png (192.15 KB, 399x845, 013527469.png)

ID: c1843 No.52[Reply]

Please give option to turn off animated thumbnails. I don't like waiting for 767.7-KB thumbnails to load.
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ID: 0f405 No.222

Flood detection value tweaked slightly. Will need to look at the actual PHP scripts in depth later, vichan is doing something that I am not aware of.

Your IP address range may also have been greylisted as 'cautionary', will have to verify.

Thumbnail extension has been changed back to PNG format in the meantime until I can find a better way to do animated GIF thumbnails.

ID: 0f405 No.224

Reviewed some code, it seems that I need to dig in at least 3 different fuck huge PHP files in Tinyboard/vichan and test it out extensively for a while on a separate test server so this doesn't get borked. I think Alyssa already had some WebP support enabled in her branch, so I am gonna take a look there as well.

Since GraphicsMagick/ImageMagic both already support WebP containers and WebP also supports transparency/animation, we might be able to get a solution that benefits all parties, ALTHOUGH certain legacy web browsers won't support WebP. Can't make everyone happy I suppose.

This has been logged on my to-do list. That said, this is a pretty big thing for me so it's gonna take a while. ETA is a month or two.

ID: 1599b No.228

Get a batter service then.

File: v5zj7c96da0w.jpg (168.02 KB, 1280x720, sayaka_baka.jpg)

ID: 39bf5 No.178[Reply]

Please add icon to indicate when thread is auto-saged.
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ID: c7a47 No.209

File: ivwwh27wveo0.jpeg (7.97 KB, 256x144, on7pegx151j4.jpeg)


<== efchan thumb for the same image (notice the extra shitty quality)

ID: 44cf8 No.211

How can Ponychan have thumbs if ponies have hooves?

ID: 891a9 No.217

I don't really need a demonstration, already know why and how.

That said, the ideal solution is to use WebP format, but like I said above, I have no idea on how to implement it for vichan yet, so I can't give you an ETA on that.

In the meanwhile a compromising solution is to just use PNG for every thumbnail which would mean I need to disable GIF functionality entirely.

Personally I am in favor of keeping GIFs, and I also believe several users expressed interest for keeping it, but if there's enough demand to disable it entirely in lieu of bandwidth conservation and PNG thumbnails, I can be persuaded to do so.

Maybe a thread on /ef/ asking this is in order.

ID: 6a6e3 No.215[Reply]

[b][/b] [i][/i] [u][/u] [s][/s] [?][/?] [spoiler][/spoiler] [tt][/tt] [aikuro][/aikuro] [gamagoori][/gamagoori] >>>/eftest/1 >>>/ef/ >>>/site/ >>>/bed/ >>>/blackjack/ >>>/hookers/


Broken: ##spiderman ##Spiderman ##phxkyamqjimmy ##phxkyamqdiscord https://boards.4chan.org/b/res/1">>>//4chan/b/1 http://www.ponychan.net/chan/oat/">>>//ponychan/oat/ https://mlpchan.net/anon/">>>//mlpchan/anon/ http://getchan.net/GET/">>>//getchan/GET/ http://www.shrekchan.org/shr/">>>//shrekchan/shr/ http://lunachan.net/chat/">>>//lunachan/chat/ http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/">>>//r/atheism/ [cs][/cs] [rcv][/rcv] [shy][/shy] [fuckinghuge][fuckinghuge][/fuckinghuge][/fuckinghuge]
<3 <3p <3g <3b <3pink #Tag: Subtag#Tag:Subtag [1d6]1d6

ID: 46de4 No.216

I would greatly appreciate it if you did all the BB code testing in >>>/eftest/ and use this board for reporting issues only, not to mention I am already well aware of which BB codes don't work and what to fix.

Future re-post of this or slightly modified re-post of this will be treated as spam and removed without warning. Please direct all testing to /eftest/.

Thread locked for redundancy.

ID: cbad2 No.214[Reply]

Could you make hide thread button also hide image in the OP so the .gif thumbnails don't stay up until you hide them yourself? I am lazy.

File: 9y81443y59fk.jpg (486.79 KB, 2560x1920, ipu2fih16p6o.jpg)

ID: 1c01c No.64[Reply]

Just a heads up but sometimes when I try to respond to a post i'll get a flood error.
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ID: fe920 No.109


That was on old Efchan as well. Just give it 10-20 seconds when you get the error and you can post again. It's an anti-spam measure.

ID: 0f128 No.118

Yeah, it looks like the flood filter working correctly as usual; we are using the same values as the old efchan, the filter should be behaving identically as before.

ID: 0603d No.174

Hmm, I've never encountered it on old /ef/, but I'm hitting it a lot now when I try to upload a bunch of images in a thread.

File: 6sub8ttiezcw.png (86.38 KB, 512x512, bon cares.png)

ID: e1f8a No.87[Reply]

I'm on a roll with boring shit.

I've been wanting to suggest that we completely abandon punative bans and only use them for de-escalating situations, for example, making someone stop spamming long enough to clean it up.

We're a pretty small and close knit site as is, and I don't really think it's our staff's place to use things like bans to "punish wrongdoing" or other such things. Following that line of reasoning, it seems like any system where "ban length scales with severity of rules infraction" is also unnecessary.

I think bans are still a useful tool for making someone stop spamming long enough to clean up after. Remember the number spam guy on the old site? That kind of thing.

Permabans are also probably useful to keep around for spambots that are definitely not actual users, as well as possibly for use on human posters who are spamming with such frequency or posting such objectionable material that the community at large would agree to having that person removed from the site.

So basically, imo bans should be capped at something *really* short like idk, 2 hours or something, and anything longer than that is a permaban with good reasoning. Permabans vs actual humans should always be open to community discussion. It seems ineffective to ban someone for a week then have to flip out about them evading it or whatever. Also, no more imageban nonsense like we had on Chaptor for fucking months at the old site.

Again, just my feeling on what would be right to do. I'd love to hear what other people actually want.
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ID: e4d9e No.160

>essentially asking that we completely stop using bans with a few exceptions to keep things sane
I think this is already the position I take with my own 'moderation' if any, therefore no comment.

>Assessing the situation before taking action is worth at least a moment of your time, and trying to handle it collaboratively with other staff would take additional time and hopefully lead to a more rational final decision

That's all fine and dandy, and reasonable, but all I am saying is deciding how long is 'enough' to do the above is still just as arbitrary as how long a 'punitive ban' should be, regardless of how long I think is 'enough' for those in general.

>a high estimate of the amount of time it will take either admin to be available to determine whether a ban needs to be elevated to perma or dismissed

Which, I believe, is already reasonably between a few minutes, few hours, to a day or even few days, so I don't know what this would change at all.

>week long bans are not reasonable in my opinion

And I would agree in the vast majority of cases, but again, I stress this, I would rather handle everything on a case by case basis and not tie ourselves down with anything in writing, because exceptions do and will happen in the future.

>bans something that almost never happens at all

>user freedom to be an absolute priority, and mod intervention to be treated as a necessary evil which should be minimized or restricted to stuff that people are actually saying they want
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 2fd1f No.168

I agree, we should ban suggesting talking about philosophy, it's boring.

ID: e4d9e No.171

Thread locked as a new discussion on this topic is taking place here : LINK

ID: 7b02f No.165[Reply]

You should get rid of the delay before users can delete their own post so people can fix forgetting to spoiler and shit like that faster.

ID: 16b2d No.170

It's there to prevent database screw ups, unlikely to change. The timer's like 5~10 seconds, I don't think that's an unreasonable amount of waiting time. Besides, we aren't going to 'punish' people for making mistakes or whatever, no one's going to.

File: u08ssschlvk0.png (121.46 KB, 262x302, sparkler hipster.png)

ID: a94a6 No.86[Reply]

As I understand it, the following doc is being used as a rough draft of what is meant to spell out the site's rules. Perhaps it would be good to have a thread requesting simple edits/clarifications to that doc?

Here's a suggestion to start us off.
Remove the text "Seriously. We WILL contact the RCMP" and replace it with something broader, more professional, and less hilarious.
For example add a whole new line saying something to the effect of "The administration reserves the right to forward relevant information to law enforcement when necessary."
First off, putting it that way is a pretty benign statement that applies to almost any website fucking ever.
Also, giving that it's own line will clarify that the administrations right to cover its own ass isn't especially bound to just cartoon CP, and would also clarify that sufficiently minor/accidental rules breaches aren't necessarily going to be sent to the fucking feds without warning. Removing the word "seriously" makes it seem less aloof and conversational.

Additionally I'd just remove without replacing "No, them being fictional doesn't make it okay. Refer to [link]."
Given that we are already not allowing "excessively" obscene NSFW material, we already have the line drawn arbitrarily. Whatever legal explanation is fine for why that particular rule is never ever going to change, but it seems weird to wheel out a bunch of legal crap when we already do NOT draw the line at the outer edge of what is legal anyways.
It should be sufficient to say that it's not allowed on this site.
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ID: ff483 No.152

Who da legal team?

ID: 11ced No.156

File: hoobsbcl0fsw.png (1.29 MB, 5000x5000, Shitty title goes here.png)


Jack Thompson.

ID: a0239 No.169

You should get Sue Basko too. She's a pro, she even says so!

File: lduy52hn1ts0.png (398.35 KB, 852x469, ffffuuuck.PNG)

ID: 8ee6e No.110[Reply]

Is anybody else having an awful long time to load the site? Or is it just me and my even-more-awful brazilian internet?
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ID: 7ff54 No.159

As far as I am aware, no.

ID: 2f12f No.161

File: u94udqoxem0w.png (28.13 KB, 945x945, Shrug.png)


No, he didn't contribute a dime.

Not that he had to contribute or anything, but when you say you're gonna do it and then never say "Oh, wait, sorry, I can't", it seems like you're just trying to earn brownie points with the community without actually doing anything.

At the moment, about 60 % of the server price is paid for by the community donations, some very generous, and the remaining part of the bill is footed by Cross and me.

ID: 45084 No.167

Ahahaha what a loser. What was his name even, I can't remember. Probably just another zamoonda faggot trying to worm into the site.

File: 2n2pe16cbw5c.jpg (109.2 KB, 1280x720, 1414445575447.jpg)

ID: ea50b No.127[Reply]

Can we increase the max file size?
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ID: af8d5 No.144

BTW, you probably also want to set the user running the site to use a shell that isn't /bin/bash. (more relevant if you're not on Debian/Ubuntu derivs - Macil probably sorted this out?)

ID: e4a4c No.148

Holy shit I didn't know things were that easy for the GNAA. You could overload a server easy just making constant requests with a 10kb png with dimensions like that? Don't they have thumbnailers that like, thumbnail a pixel at a time or something instead of the whole image?

ID: d2be1 No.158

I don't think most programs nowadays handle resizing as 'decompress the whole thing onto RAM and then recompress', seems like a basic thing.

Currently Tinyboard-vichan is configured to use GraphicsMagick + gifsicle for GIF files and exif-tools to strip all EXIF data from JPG files. Thumbnails are set to only resize and not de/re-compress, as in the thumbnail file extension is the same as the original file extension.

I briefly thought about enabling SVG formats for vector graphics, but apparently there's too many exploits with the format.

I don't actually know what this means, I am guessing it has something to do with the bash exploit thing that was around recently on top of Heartbleed. Currently the server is running on Ubuntu Server 14.04, and I am using my Windows machine + Bash/PowerShell to SSH into the server remotely.

Can't use the Kimsufi management tool since apparently our account no longer exists or some shit. Going to contact their customer service soon.

File: bdzl1z95r5z4.png (76.81 KB, 320x255, HOO.png)

ID: 56fbd No.41[Reply]

So how are we gonna do this when it comes to NSFW rulings? Specifically with underage posters.. Are we gonna do a don't ask don't tell thing? Will underage posters get bans for posting in NSFW threads? For posting NSFW images?

Also, what's the line for underage pornography? Is it fine if it is just text not an image? Is it okay if they look underage but are actually older? If they are underage but look older? If the character is normally underage but "aged up" in the image? Can we make an exception for mai waifu Scootaloo?
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ID: bdc21 No.82

It's more humorous when you imagine a bunch of horsemen trying to prevent Internet superheroes from posting drawings of little girls online.

ID: 485fc No.150

The internet may be for porn but I think most people make an exception for CP posters when it comes to considering them superheroes. Good porn, yeah, heroic.

ID: 2c717 No.172

File: kdhfj2udturk.jpg (40.37 KB, 667x532, 4chan-b-internet-superhero….jpg)

The term "Internet superheroes" is meant to be ironic.

ID: 92b85 No.111[Reply]

So on old /ef/, if I wanted to share a picture, it was super easy to right click -> copy image location and then reupload on imgur or whatever so I wasn't leeching, but if I try to do that here it says the file is corrupted. Does this site do something different with images as they upload than the old one? Can anything be done about this or am I just gonna have to suck it up?
4 posts omitted. Click View to see all.

ID: 24caa No.130

You're uploading the image directly using the URL, which the function I described above prevents from happening. It's a form of hotlinking.

No, it's not the 'fault' of CloudFlare, I am just saying it's currently set to disable it.

I'll see what I can do.

ID: 92b85 No.133

How is that hotlinking? I'm bad at computers, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't having an image host download the image use exactly the same amount of bandwidth as if I just downloaded the image, which is what I have to do instead now anyway?

But whatever, it's not that big a deal, don't do it if you don't want to.

ID: 24caa No.136

>wouldn't having an image host download the image use exactly the same amount of bandwidth
It does. Doesn't stop it from being hotlinking, which is, in this case, a second site(imgur or whatever) is directly trying to download off of this server and not from a client.


I don't mind it being enabled or whatever, I just don't know what's actually blocking it.

File: hs3chf0z55og.png (347.09 KB, 390x525, Michiru5.png)

ID: 6f9b2 No.2[Reply]

While WebMs seem to work, it should be noted WebMs with sound tend to have substantially larger filesize (E.G I have one that's 6mb)

Now, since I'm aware it might be pushing limitations to make all files allowed up to like, 10mb, but would it be possible to permit that for webms alone?
13 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

ID: d52a8 No.122

File: qwsa480ygz5s.png (408.05 KB, 534x486, Michiru31.png)

Oh, and because I made this thread and don't feel like making a second.

Would it be possible to implement top/bottom arrows for mobile akin to what 4chan has?
It's just a small thing, but when navigating a large thread it's a major convenience.

ID: ff94a No.124


Refer to above. This is already a top priority for me since I browse often on my smartphone. It's pretty fucking irritating without those.

ID: d52a8 No.125

File: 3odiw46k2oao.jpg (16.33 KB, 256x270, 1413766301157.jpg)

Oh, sorry. I skimmed over that so I guess I just didn't see it.

Thanks. I agree, it's a complete pain in the ass.

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