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File: nfy1tnc8glc0.webm (226.17 KB, 1280x720, 1447354614612.webm)

ID: 6dba5 No.706[Reply]

Things we need:

A video game board so I can talk about video games without Underfags shilling at me.

A ban on AMA threads because you need to quit coddling retards.

MP4 support. "Uhn, just use webm, I'm laaaazy" isn't a good enough answer.

Embed youtube videos.

Some themes and shit.

ID: fae60 No.707

ID: beda0 No.708

File: 1kvyz3vqy9w0.png (238.66 KB, 568x653, 1447112552597.png)

But isn't that the point of this board? He checks it regularly for discussion about the site, right?

Fuck. I guess another thing we need is:

People who do what they gotta do

ID: 0996e No.709

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

File: o1pcjqfnv2m8.png (309.61 KB, 851x468, 224598__UNOPT__spike_sugge….png)

ID: 4881e No.452[Reply]


Let's put a terror alert on /ef/ so when it turns red we can discuss the happening

ID: 12983 No.453

>terror alert on
Calm down, doctor. Now is not the time for fear.

ID: f7ad4 No.397[Reply]

ey b0ss
gib rp b0rd
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ID: aa8cd No.401

ID: ac743 No.719

File: zf83oyq5ozr4.gif (357.64 KB, 500x366, tumblr_ltjj8d8t2N1qd8t4mo1….gif)


ID: 811ae No.722

File: lm86bvw1lxj4.jpg (205.93 KB, 1428x1528, 1382728788478.jpg)

can we get a /erp/ board?

File: dcb6ub1yz4lc.png (191.49 KB, 780x937, old-ef-2014-10-25.png)

ID: c9ce1 No.75[Reply]

Why are only the last two digits of the year displayed? Personally, I'd prefer "YYYY-MM-DD" or "MMM DD, YYYY" format.

ID: 4e36e No.89

No particular reason, it's just one of the UNIX date formats.

Should add custom date formatting option later.

File: jkws3o4jbytc.jpg (6.9 KB, 137x166, BERN.jpg)

ID: fe21a No.175[Reply]

Can you change the top bar so that the buttons are larger? Makes it annoying to tap on mobile.
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ID: c6f01 No.185


ID: 896d5 No.196

What about the option to make the top navbar non-floating?

ID: 3b0f7 No.202

I'll definitely consider it.

File: 107qnx9p53y8.png (231.62 KB, 554x390, derp (54).png)

ID: 5ff1d No.186[Reply]

I've come to notice that there is a trend regarding the time it takes for a thread to auto-update/reload. Why is it the counter gradually increases in size before it reloads the page?

I know there's a button right next to it that forces an update if you'd like, but I just found it a little unusual for my tastes at least.

ID: c76a2 No.203

It's a simple algorithm.

When it attempts to update the page, if it sees that no new posts have been made, it will have a longer time to wait for the next refresh/update, rinse and repeat. Standard practice.

File: f45c5ewyevwg.png (51.53 KB, 600x600, 1442911245764.png)

ID: ca9fb No.687[Reply]

can you make the automated post thing chill out for ravvy because he cant post

ID: 102a6 No.695

Well, good news is I am almost near done unfucking my desktop and recovering SSH credentials for a hand over.

ID: 10f21 No.696

Why would he have any inclination after the shit he took from here a few months ago?

ID: d121f No.67[Reply]

can i have my capcode pls?
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ID: 9e5ca No.640

C-can Tarra has capcode ;_; I dont wanna mod or anything maybe janitor, but I would love a capcode that said Nightwing on it.

ID: bad5a No.675

I want a capcode and a pony.

pls respond

ID: af598 No.676

BAAAAWWW no one ever reads /site/

File: uoc1ty67n8jk.jpg (28.46 KB, 400x358, 9279_10204434334041121_585….jpg)

ID: 2bed0 No.162[Reply]

Any chance on a cheat sheet thread like old site had?
That way I can remember how to embed, comics sans, large text... and what ever else

ID: 529cd No.164

Yes, there will be a thread like that once I work out all the kinks with the BB codes and CSS this weekend.

ID: 386b2 No.633

bumping this to make it look like /site/ has activity

ID: e8f8e No.634

Ahahahahah oh god.

I wrote the original cheat sheet, BTW.

File: 3sdjh8ks5yf4.gif (126.97 KB, 170x170, mami.gif)

ID: 6e4d0 No.247[Reply]

Where did my purple heart go? I need that please
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ID: a379b No.628

Still waiting

ID: a379b No.635

Its disgraceful

ID: e7db1 No.791

Spirit Shiiiiiiiiiiiine

ID: d49a2 No.318[Reply]

Just to let you know , it really is me. I tried emailing Celestia and Goats but for some reason it rejects le emails. Whats up with that?
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ID: 079d3 No.625

Just to you let you know, Pipes trips are Adwrii using Pipes and Bunny trips [feel free to check his ip] just to save confusion. On the odd occasion i do bother to use a trip it'll be the shitpost one

ID: 4f99d No.626

File: knzx84194ikg.jpg (51.04 KB, 1000x561, mlfw400_large.jpg)

Why use trips?

ID: 079d3 No.627

Because autistic attention seeker. Besides anyone can impersonate a Pipes without a trip, such as … Adwrii

ID: 9123e No.549[Reply]

There's a poster named radience who keeps following me around calling me jackie pie. Some sort of sick and disturbed obsession he has with a poster from years ago. Could you please do something about it?
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ID: 4bc40 No.595

now now

ID: c986a No.596

This thread is going fantastic places.

ID: f9438 No.597

Thread locked.

File: 86244axnkm80.png (11.3 KB, 243x75, click-here-to-view-omitted….png)

ID: e79a6 No.455[Reply]

Links are vertically mis-aligned (as shown in attached image). Please fix, e.g., by adding the following CSS rule:

div.body a {
vertical-align: bottom;
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ID: ae9ea No.472

File: der50hx3n5s0.png (132.6 KB, 285x280, 1435431050436.png)

It's literally a one-line fix to the CSS file:
div.body a {vertical-align: bottom;}


ID: 2491c No.473

That still sounds too much like work. Why can't you live with it?

ID: 7648d No.591

I'll try to get around it, but I can't access the server while I am in Korea. All the important security details are literally written on paper locked in my physical room back in Canada.

File: k7lfwzmf15a8.jpg (85.32 KB, 800x480, v3jl5a75gveo.jpg)

ID: 2885f No.479[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Okay, for real, what does it take to get someone permabanned around here? Because Evan needs to go, and any reasonable community would have booted him out AGES ago. He's an alcoholic. He constantly harasses everyone. He has a history of sexually harassing a few people, including myself. Right now over in the main board he's yelling at a minor about her genitalia. He is just in all ways absolutely creepy as hell, and he acts like none of it is a big deal. I'm sick of him. His being here is actively dragging down my enjoyment of this whole community, just because I know he's lurking around here waiting for a chance to tell me about how much he wants to fuck me. Can something please be done about this shit?
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ID: 4a2c9 No.548

File: izxpwh4ryd4w.jpg (96.38 KB, 1280x720, Snapshot20070711151553lk9.jpg)


ID: 19202 No.585

File: tjren25n5wcg.jpg (61.22 KB, 960x561, mlfw6278-3883-fuck-this-sh….jpg)

ID: 768d1 No.590

Thread locked.

File: dvq5j1h3tts0.gif (781.29 KB, 1126x719, 1432141758746.gif)

ID: 63230 No.460[Reply]

Can we has them?
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ID: 1b218 No.465

Can [Go to bottom] be a new meme?

ID: 3951e No.469


ID: a5059 No.470


Vilci's already been meme'ing that since when /ef/ was on ponyshite.

ID: 65893 No.418[Reply]

Can the script that doesn't make content-devoid posts bump threads PLEASE be reinstated in some form

Just once if like to see discussion on something other than whatever shitty threads necroanon decides should never, ever die
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ID: 21231 No.433

What if you just warned necroanon to stop and then baned him if he continued? That should be the next step of your master plan.

ID: 1a13b No.434


Well, for one, I hate banning people. And two, it's not a very effective method for anything because if someone wants to ban evade, it's not really that hard.

ID: a1a34 No.435


He said baned, not banned. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later. But you're right, ban evasion is getting easier all the time. In fact, these days, with technology going the way it is, it's almost getting to the point where it's hard for some people to not do it without even intending to. A lot of programmers and sysadmins never anticipated this reality. /GET/ and various other chans seem to be doing just fine without needing any though.[/textwall]

ID: a6880 No.408[Reply]

/ef/ keeps eating my name

ID: d6ca3 No.409

Ooops. I thought I covered my tracks better than that.

ID: c1f38 No.410

Why no /test/?

ID: a6880 No.411


File: j53kmbr60r9c.gif (3.88 MB, 283x176, 1401588765669.gif)

ID: 43ccc No.386[Reply]

So, apparently whenever I start scrolling efchan is causing way more cpu usage than it should, and after scrolling it lasts for a few seconds.

I noticed efchan feeling sluggish, so I tested using htop; definitely seeing a spike of like 50-60% extra of one of my threads being used.

This seems to only affect Iceweasel/Firefox; testing scrolling in chrome works fine, so Iunno what's up. Have you guys tested performance on firefox for issues? 8chan works fine on Iceweasel, so it's not vichan from what I can tell.
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ID: 43ccc No.388


…Any examples of some sites like that, beyond what I'm assuming would be /ef/?

Also I should clarify that I get a bunch of lag due to the extra cpu use. Chrome is smooth as fuck on site, but firefox/iceweasel is a janky and laggy mess.

ID: cbe2d No.390

Only thing I can think of is some of the older JavaScripts running that I haven't bothered to update, but I have no idea what could be causing such issues.

At the very least, I should update the custom JS codes with the more recent ones from the updated vichan branch.

ID: 69425 No.403

None that I could think of aside from setting up a sandbox and trying to isolate the problem. It would be actual work and probably more work that it's worth for you. Just saying realistically speaking, Doc's been proving too busy to work on it himself, so it might be a long wait otherwise.

File: coe8w8y5ji0w.png (5.71 KB, 801x72, topbar.png)

ID: c5b07 No.400[Reply]

What's up with the funky top bar style? It used to be not broken, what happened?

ID: 8934c No.402

File: qgra2kn245c0.png (211.77 KB, 1219x1024, 3sehijxsqtq8.png)

I am a lazy bum that didn't get around to fixing it.

Don't know what's causing it, but it probably helps to update the vichan branch to a more recent version, which I should be doing sometime this week or not depending on how lazy I am.

Not too motivated, ATM. Looking for jobs and such.

File: rmc1ipb5cg74.png (5.5 KB, 1380x81, CaptureItPlus6355769726877….png)

ID: 8a92d No.371[Reply]

What happened to the topbar style?
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ID: 8a92d No.373

Huh, it works on IE and Chrome. Maybe the dev just didn't put all of the CSS3 browser compatibility properties in

ID: ade24 No.375

File: mlgxqfdm2134.png (360.28 KB, 1000x1509, 1409223984587.png)

I got lazy and was dealing with real life things. I'll try to get back into it somehow.

I'll be fairly honest, it's a rather empty promise since I really should be looking for a job than this, but I'll try to get my lazy ass to fix things.

ID: 490d9 No.389

File: zg0wb7bnulmo.jpg (62.75 KB, 1024x768, madoka-mario.jpg)

I just upgrade to Firefox 35 from Firefox 31, and this is happening to me too now.

File: 5qnra0grehz4.jpg (59.49 KB, 396x691, Wow.jpg)

ID: 204fb No.384[Reply]

Yotsuba B style when?

ID: 337f7 No.385

File: ga1drn8c3w8w.jpg (114.07 KB, 1280x720, 139969062600.jpg)

After Kizumonogatari, Spice and Wolf Season 3, and Yuru Yuri Season 3.

File: 6x9jq5tm375s.png (174.27 KB, 908x869, moon_butt (885).png)

ID: 91a5e No.282[Reply]

When you're at the top of a page and typing something in the original reply box, you can stretch it out to whatever.

When you get the reply box after scrolling down and the box is out of view, but instead get a floating reply box, you can only seem to stretch it downwards.

Just pointing this out, Jun.
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ID: fc830 No.339

File: im2872x3q1a8.png (118.63 KB, 354x390, moon_butt (900).png)

That's the thing, I'm not using a laptop. Just keyboard and mouse on my PC.

I just don't know, mang.

ID: e08cb No.342

this isn't a site issue

Backspace always has been the 'last page' button. Pressing it when a text input box is not active will instead send you back a page. You're just deselecting wherever you're typing accidentally then hitting the key.

ID: 5462b No.383

File: zcdsbx7p6zgg.jpeg (409.36 KB, 1823x2179, moon_butt (156).jpeg)

Another thing I have noticed.

I crosslinked/quoted myself/whatever into another thread on the front page to prevent some kind of 'Spamming' in the same thread, but when the last three posts aren't shown, you don't see the cross-linked post next to it.

Like Goats posted about video games that take place under water in Applepie's current blog thread, so which in the same thread I respond.

However (like I said to avoid 'Spam') I copy my post number in that thread and post it in another one (Sky's react to the last video game thread since it's somewhat vidya' related) and the last three posts that were shown had my cross link appearing.

However when my post was knocked off, it failed to show that I linked at all when my last post in the blog thread can still be seen.

File: k0y97osadvr4.jpg (16.86 KB, 480x360, baaah.jpg)

ID: b68d0 No.370[Reply]

<!DOCTYPE html>

<iframe width="420" height="345"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 497f4 No.289[Reply]

The idea of requiring moderator pre-approval for each post made here came up in /ef/, and I think it's worth a /site/ thread. Can we get a vote going here?
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ID: 8d4a8 No.343

Fuck off

ID: a3bc1 No.351

File: ig7x1eswpkhs.png (168.66 KB, 323x242, THE SKY IS FALLING.PNG)


And it sounds like work. Fuck that.

ID: 8ecc6 No.369

>Facetious non-suggestion.
>only thread that gets answered

File: ywogzj3v7h8g.png (171.7 KB, 581x979, ef-ban-2015-01-17.png)

ID: e9293 No.358[Reply]

How exactly is it considered "spamming" to create a single thread about X in a day, and with a unique specific topic, when there are no other threads about X on Page 1?

(In case anyone is wondering: Yes, my ban has expired; the times in the screenshot are GMT.)
6 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

ID: 27c64 No.365

They are not legally obligated to stop assaults or drug trafficking. A little different story with child pornography and lolicon is child pornography in maple country.

I am not a mod so I am not going to tell you what they are going to delete when you intentionally try to push them. I am just saying that it seems to be perfectly reasonable that they'd want to avoid leaving up threads that could be seen as discussing illegal digital material.

Then word it differently. I am certain that you can express yourself without using a word that can be tied to child pornography. Problem solved.

ID: 01bab No.366

And the word child is in child porn. I think saying that is way worse than saying loli.
Canada is better than the UK about it, and we had pure loli threads on old ef.

As long as nothing questionable gets posted there's no reason to delete them. And as long as nothing questionable gets reported to them, Canada doesn't care.

ID: 4ed38 No.367

File: atdfoef9x1c0.jpg (28.86 KB, 512x288, 8259ca1c.jpg)

(Noun - plural: loli or lolis) A prepubescent girl; especially in Japanese anime/manga.

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