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It doesn't have to end here.

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nuggghh, no thank you.
I'm too old and too grumpy to deal with a brand new breed of mentally unstable people when I already like these mentally unstable people.


File: ut9p8n8486bk.png (348.75 KB, 560x646, 56546546546839904442227456….png)

hey, if it makes you feel any better it will be the same exact community as this one

its just moving homes is all

you'll be fine, man


File: jslm31f4aiv4.png (457.88 KB, 736x702, Screenshot from 2016-06-03….png)

for anyone who is concerned

the place is yours

your community

you likely wont see anyone else besides regular folks from here

i promise i will do what i can to make you guys feel at home



E-man likes us

Swab my forehead, nurse



File: g2oca8qixybk.jpg (459.06 KB, 700x2863, 1494439325593.jpg)

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the offer and I may stop by every now and then. I just don't feel like going back to Ponychan after all these years. /ef/ got shut down the first time because ONE guy's feelings got hurt, there's no guarantee that this move won't just cause another wave of ass mad and trouble for everyone.


File: hr882isvkt8g.png (844.64 KB, 940x1075, 54534543534756.png)

i think we've all made great strides over the years. will see how it goes


File: rmg09ppf9wxs.jpg (94.95 KB, 710x1002, CxjNdnCUcAA-8ft.jpg)

Why not just relish in the chaos if anything?


File: brlktb0x3zls.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, uqhbr50vle68.png)

Full circle.


File: 60o873iw22v4.jpg (70.3 KB, 500x500, 1349308333101.jpg)

Late af Gottem


File: igdjskxb9c74.jpg (581.1 KB, 1911x4096, 1501706288571.jpg)

p much
I mean, whats the worst that could happen? It gets deleted later? Its gonna be deleted here anyway.


File: fe0kpq0d9wxs.png (661.18 KB, 611x611, f6bea017fc3563282e43c5f04e….png)

Yeah this.

I more or less said this in the other thread, but I am really not planning on going back to ponychan, personally.
I don't see this closure as being about a lack of place to contain this community. If we're not done here, we could stay here on this site, and if there's genuine sentiment that we're not done, people should speak up about it. Even if Cross wants out, I would gladly pick up where he left off, vs making people feel like they need to go back to ponychan.

E man is correct in saying that this move could just cause unnecessary trouble for everyone. As I've been staff here for so long, I'm wary of trying to force my opinions, and I wish people were just clear about where they as members of this community want to go with this, because that is the right way to go.

I think that us taking the initiative to keep this site alive here, in its place, or collectively coming to the conclusion that it's time to let go, are the most sensible courses of action. If discord isn't enough for people, why not keep on here? If it is enough for everyone, why create a container on ponychan for something that isn't there to be contained in the first place?

This is the kind of thing that on the other hand makes me think I might be wrong. I think for the most part over the last 5 or so years I've gotten my way in wanting to be isolationist, and maybe in doing so, we just bored ourselves to death. Maybe just letting this go full autistic shitshow is the way to go, lol. It could be a fun ride.


File: fj6kj3c0jmkg.png (317.65 KB, 699x768, 8978987978978.png)

i am not trying to make them feel obligated to post

just give them home since nobody else even remotely suggested to pick the torch up and continue on

so i figured id be nice enough to do it

i just wanna help is all

pchan has matured alot over the years


File: 4m2wl5ky2q9s.png (246.6 KB, 1024x768, Okuu Gen (397).png)

The promise of new users from other Ponychan boards is enough of a promising idea for me to go full ham and start posting much more actively on the Ponychan /ef/.

Despite fears that might change the culture, that's just the nature of culture, desu. At one point /ef/ got too isolated and just took memes from /pol/ because stagnation became a serious issue.

With being introduced back to a relatively more active chan might be what /ef/ needed for a boost.
Being absorbed isn't bad and identity won't be lost if it's made clear what sort of board /ef/ is.


File: 7c9nfilh9lhc.png (90.96 KB, 305x253, 1502141723411.png)

>we just bored ourselves to death. Maybe just letting this go full autistic shitshow is the way to go, lol. It could be a fun ride.
Thats pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Suddenly people posting again because the site is gonna die soon won't last if we decide to just keep the site going. Its just gonna go back to being dead after. I was trying to think of a good analogy but I can't so pretend I had a good analogy here about something related to that.

>he says with satan trips
thinking emoji


it's ok mikie
you can't get rid of me.
ponychan is my home and people like me there
i'm ~~~popular~~~ and ~~famous~~


>just give them home since nobody else even remotely suggested to pick the torch up and continue on
The crux of the issue here is that wasn't the issue, like if ef wanted to keep going it would keep going. ef is closing because it's need was finished.

not to say ponychan ef is an issue or anything, on the ef side of things its just not this ef, and that's fine, because this ef finished, theres no fundamental change there.

on the ponychan side of things considering how different it is now i dont think there will really be a problem. i guess if you put it on the list of boards like… ember or something might yell at you that you're splitting the population up into too many dead boards again. but really at some point embers going to yell at you anyways no matter what you try to do right.

i guess in the end its a nice gesture but it wont be ef, not the ef that a lot of people cared about, with these specific horrible shitlords in it not just the board name. Like when /chat/ came back but it wasnt /chat/.
But it can be something new, that lives and dies on its own merit and something a new group of people can love, like new /chat/. and it looks like some people are already having fun with it so hopefully it develops into something worthwhile, it just wont be ef but theres nothing wrong with that


File: k6qq1536lyww.png (356.5 KB, 608x601, Screenshot from 2016-06-03….png)

wouldn't wanna rid of you anyway, buddy.

fair enough. i guess i just sort of jumped the gun because i really wanted to help and give them a home they deserve.

never thought of that though… didn't think they'd wanna just end it here. maybe some do, maybe some don't.

as for ember, you're likely right. but, at the same time he doesn't have to visit that board.

i guess we will see in due in time.

if it works out, great! if not, then we can always move on since that was the plan from the start


File: xw0zsvdw5edc.jpg (32.35 KB, 342x260, 1502157717399[1].jpg)










File: w0rdv3xmxtz4.png (21.55 KB, 861x770, Screenshot from 2017-08-08….png)

if it works out delete it in a year with no warning


File: 9jbk2ejyywhs.png (138.37 KB, 405x386, 78787689676786467576.png)






I can say colors too bitch


File: m3xq8he03g1s.png (400.75 KB, 600x632, loyal__determined_white_ma….png)

Some good may come of it. Might not be so bad, and I figure we're tight enough with each other that such a change of scenery may be fun or funny. I'd maintain that my individual preference is not to merge into pchan like this, but if that's how it goes, might as well at least try to hang out there for laughs.

We could see about retaining the domain name here for redirecting to discord or ponychan or some message maybe linking both, however it goes. Retaining domain like that could maintain the possibility of splitting back off again if it ends up making sense to do so in the future if the autism gets too strong or something. Whatever happens, I guess we'll make the most of it. I'll pester cross about the domain next time I see him.


File: gx7booy6swsg.png (475.64 KB, 676x477, 1499641900920.png)

>not joining me in jolly shitposting and turning into our own private shitposting grounds.
You fucking leaf.


Day of the rake when?


File: 1r06cpzr5thc.jpg (19.41 KB, 236x322, ac6a010d2bd733b27da97fbd87….jpg)

Regardless of whether is is a good idea or not, I think this is very sweet of you to do

Thank you ♥

If anyone is interested in my personal opinion, I agree with Rad and Awdrii. We have our board and we didn't use it and that's why Efchan is dying, not because we lack funds or fell out as a community. We all have have each other on Discord and Steam and other social media, so even if there is a new /ef/, the old culture won't exactly die nor change. In general I'm pretty neutral about Efchan dying and having a new /ef/ on Ponychan. I'd like to stay hopeful of good things c:


File: pui3zsw00740.png (464.34 KB, 673x746, 87878678689978096399330743….png)

i appreciate you input i really do

if you have concerns outside of this

let me know please

not gonna lie you guys made me laugh so much today


File: tzgak7n1yneo.png (84.05 KB, 852x938, __punzie___by_jujubajulia-….png)

There is no greater sin than being responsible for /ef/
Cross just got out and now you're going to jail for a long time


File: 2arhw0swc1hc.jpg (14.28 KB, 195x247, 4353453654676876567321 (91….jpg)

A jail that consists of nobodies…?


File: u5o64qo1tjb4.jpg (109.91 KB, 653x960, 19598950_1268921403237649_….jpg)

Can you link /ef/ onto the nav bar? So that way we can really be like the old days?


File: 491kl80nzjuo.png (160.65 KB, 315x461, 565465465468399044422274.png)

yeah, i figured…

yeah, just waiting on that to be done. sadly, i know nothing of tech but there is folks here who do. just waiting on them


File: e5476z6sipds.gif (74.87 KB, 305x281, parity time.gif)


File: 559z83imkhs0.png (386.82 KB, 629x670, 65654646456983.png)



File: 739elj3msby8.png (1.32 MB, 804x1023, Getchanisleadingtheway.png)

>/ef/ moving back to Ponychan
Communism always wins.


The "do it without talking about it first" method wins. Little did everyone who wanted to absorb us know, it's as easy as making a board and announcing "we have absorbed you"


> have absorbed you

So basically like that Discord server you made that literally put the final nail in /ef/'s coffin.


File: irq2sitt8ruo.png (698.86 KB, 567x598, 1501963760063.png)

I'd absorb u bb
p much, ef was just shitposting circlejerk blogging, but then that got moved to discord and ef ripped
Mikie just said hey if you wanna shitpost on a chan you can do it here, I wouldnt call that absorbing


File: 60hpjhabw2rk.png (396.19 KB, 582x594, 56.png)

Ladies, ladies, please, you're all ugly.


>try to kill skype
>entire site implodes


File: 58mp60p53r0g.jpg (17.24 KB, 223x255, 132017326502.jpg)

>Click link
>Dont recognise a single name
Oh jeez, I'm too grumpy to interact with the /ef/ full of people I vaguely know nevermind the /ef/ full of people I don't know at all.
Seems like it'll be a decent board for whoever wants to shitpost there, though.


this, he just gave us another place to shitpost.


File: vxuad7n8gq2o.png (1.27 MB, 1500x1500, 927365__safe_solo_cute_loo….png)

Hello, my name is Radiance.

I'm too busy to play with anyone because it's not VR.


File: wo8euzmyk4xs.jpg (25.65 KB, 500x372, color wehrmacht tank ocmma….jpg)

Thanks, it feels good.


We can do some not-ponychan type activities some time if you wanna?


File: msy1i4s51f5s.jpg (161.77 KB, 500x500, 1354582878759.jpg)


File: vlt4x5x3a9z4.png (263.88 KB, 298x540, 132017394822.png)

Why did you reply to me with that?


File: 58nyh0yx3fy8.gif (1.6 MB, 350x197, nathan_fillion_reaction.gif)

That's… A very good question.




Eh. May give it a shot.


File: agp6hvm46tc0.png (338.13 KB, 477x741, 867867867.png)

you have freedom here

unlike oranges bitch ass

i will give you liberty

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