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Felt that, seeing how this site is going to go tits up in about 2 months, I thought I'd put this thread up.

It's purpose is to chronicle what's been of our lives since we first became aware of each other's presence back on pchan, and maybe add some thoughts in retrospect. And given the thread title, feel free to be as introspective and self-centered in these stories as you wish.

So, being OP, I figured I'd start off with my life story (since 2010).

Honestly, S1 horses helped me through an unemployment rut I had back from first year uni. That and binging X-men Evolution. Then I entered second year of uni and had my gf. I introduced her to horses and things were alright for a time. Actually it was a year from then that I went into the whole tabletop hobby. That, in its way, helped me retain a network of friends away from home and prevented any undue emotional stress as I fell out with my gf. My application to go into optometry didn't work out, and I had finished my uni degree. Oh, during this time I also tried to apply to med school twice but it kind of fell through

So then I thought about doing it in Colombia. The first semester I was homologued into was a bit rocky as I was adjusting to the environment there, though due to not having histology I was set back to familiar territory. Made a couple of new friends and a handful of acquaintances. It was during this time that I started watching Urusei Yatsura (and tbf, came to understand why people had 2D waifus) on and off, to be finished about 7 months ago. As far as her works go, and judging from Ramna and Inu Yasha, they have a tendency to meander and give blue balls, so as much as I liked UY, I wouldn't watch it again.

The second semester I attended was gangbusters for me, though my friend had to redo almost the whole semester. He's still in school, but we only see each other on Mondays now due to time concerns. Third semester on the other hand, threatened to overwhelm me, mostly with Pathology. While I did pass that course, yet another friend of mine didn't make the cut and currently is staying away for a semester (Luckily I live like 15 mins walking from her, so we meet up whenever time permits).

Had this year's summer at this point, which I mostly spent trying to 100% Ironclad Tactics (which I very nearly finished, save for one particular mission in the European DLC) and finishing Darkest Dungeon. Oh, and getting some boardgame and getting introduced to my mom's new bf. Cool guy with an interesting history, actually.

Currently in the middle of my 4th semester and have started to talk to patients now and starting to write clinical histories (Given that I'm starting though, I'm pretty shit at it as I found out today, lol). A lot more self-teaching from this point on, but on the other hand, the schedule's more free, which is good. My aunt got a stroke at the start of this semester while my other aunt is taking care of her, so that's been shitty, but it looks like she's been making a recovery, save for a hipotensive episode she had on Monday, from which she stabilized.

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but birds aren't fluffy


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Epic meme, dude.


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thanks brah


I went from thinking I would get in on programming to becoming a total fucking weeaboo and started learning Japanese to get into the translation business. I also was using Linux a lot, though with the work I want to do for TechRaptor/RPG Site I decided to start using Windows more often so I can do some video editing.

That girlfriend I had ended poorly, though on the less horrible side, she did kinda fuck over everyone else in her life too. I do feel a little bit lonely without someone to talk to, but in retrospect I wasn't really able to talk with her to begin with.

I want to say I stopped watching pone about halfway through Season 4. Every now and then I think about maybe catching up, but honestly I couldn't care less. You guys are the last link I have with that, and I can't say I've been the most active these last few years, either.

I don't know if I'm in the best position I've been in with my life, but I'm definitely doing better than how I was when I first started posting here. At least, I want to believe that. We'll see what happens to me in the next year, since that should be interesting.


do you still have your vita tho


I've got 2 (3 if you count my hacked PSTV) now.


Get the remastered Patapon.


You don't need to tell me that.


But I do need to tell you that I've had a secret crush on Sky Heart all these years and I never had the guts to tell him until /ef/chan announced its closure.


Don't break Sky's boipussi. I'm sure it's fragile.


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>tfw farmer's tan is back


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If you don't want a farmer's tan, don't wear a shirt.



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You wouldn't happen to want this folder, would you?


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File: iuxcahfahqf4.png (58.96 KB, 216x359, Bar52.png)


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Sky pls


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just have homosexual sex that isnt meant for reproduction now


It's not sexual love.


gay love


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Give me the dose, Sky.


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This isn't what I wanted at all.


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Congrats on your upcoming graduation! What degree are you getting?

>/pol/ on ponychan

But seriously I'm gonna need deets on that.

Also is Ponyville basically a hugbox 2.0?
Are there bunker serials there?
I figured. Britpone was a trixie poster who liked taking it up the arse.

Don't let yourself get weighed down and ruminate on unproductive thoughts. It's what happened to me back in 2010 and what helped me through it was just grin and bear that initial resistance as you change routine, and as you adjust, let the inertia of setting a new routine take you from there.

I didn't mind his interest in retro games, but his compulsion to curate those threads even when he would be the sole contributor to them kinda rubbed me the wrong way, tbh.


>I'm gonna need deets on that.
ponychan got pretty edgy and there were times where the front page was filled with threads copied from /pol/


My 22nd birthday is on Monday… time flies…
It's my last birthday on /ef/.
I'm kind of sad.


Happy Birthday, Toleto!


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Thanks! I'm getting a BS in IT. I'm hoping it will make me more employable than I currently am.

>But seriously I'm gonna need deets on that.

There were some anons who loved copy/pasting threads from /pol/ and arguing in favor of purging degenerates, white supremacy, etc., and just being all-around nuisances. It was dumb.

>Also is Ponyville basically a hugbox 2.0?

Basically. I like it tbh.
>Are there bunker serials there?
A few, I think HAY is the most active one.


By the way, in case you missed it,



>Ponyville is a hugbox
I'll pass.
No offense, but the reason that efchan was even a thing was due to how stifling a hugbox og ponychan was.
You understand, right?
Is Ponychan still a hugbox?




File: 227r3e7g6lm8.png (175.8 KB, 343x461, 543543546.png)

>Is Ponychan still a hugbox?
/oat/ still is kinda

but /ef/ and /chat/ are not


Yeah you right lol


File: fj0wlfqibhfk.png (317.05 KB, 638x717, 543545435.png)

just trying to make it feel like home is all


/chat/ is /pol/ and /leftypol/ sperging at each other forever, technically not a hugbox but also not fun


Ponychan will always be my home


make /chat/ to /dis/, keep ALL polshit there. keep /oat/ the hugbox and /ef/ the grown up fun. boom problems solved.


other test


I think I'll stick to this one.



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I've used this site as shitposting training for the past 8 years. I hated 99% of the fuckers on ponychan and only pretended to be nice so I could meme on their faces again. Over this course of time in my research of Active Measures of the KGB and MKultra of the CIA, I have come to develop my own brand of shitposting I cal Soviet Deep Irony. It is a fusion of military concepts of Active Measures and abstracted tactical and strategic processes of Soviet Deep Battle.


File: opt3bcrg8zk0.png (105.51 KB, 300x300, jvhux4x6vls0.png)

I'm also responsible for the destruction of /rp/ on ponychan with the establishment of the strict tags and rules system which subsequently resulted in everyone locking themselves away in their own private threads, effectively isolating the posting populace from one another.


deepest lore.


File: q8wjccx0g4cg.jpg (132.82 KB, 1200x628, imported meme.jpg)

It is the Khan of all Shitposting


File: km1o7zulwpvk.png (1.27 MB, 1276x714, 1501232336314.png)

praise tengri tbh lad

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