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Time to compare you when /ef/ was fresh and where you are now.

-No style
-Failing college
-Zero job experience
-Collects Transformers and Gunpla
-Watches anime in his free time
-Lives with his mom
-Refuses to cook things that aren't pancakes
-Is friends with one girl
-Internet bully

-Some style
-A worthless AA and AFA
-Assistant produce manager
-Has been on a date
-Got consolation kissed
-Still a fucking virgin
-Collects Transformers, imported Japanese action figures, occasionally builds a Gunpla
-Pretty much only watches Gundam
-Less poor but still poor
-Lives with his dad
-Enjoys cooking
-Is friends with a number of girls yet refuses to date any of them except for the weirdo from the internet who might be a psychopath
-Internet friend
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File: kiuphlrry9kw.jpg (343.52 KB, 840x700, I _d7f06298dba308fea4e60cf….jpg)

I still look exactly the same and I'm still in school and I still spend too much time on the internet


Military, hawaii, japan, gym rat.



File: nc774an5qvpc.gif (9.95 KB, 106x96, DJ- -HeadBanging.gif)

- single
- spoke one language
- worked low pay IT
- lanky
- had only ever lived in the US of A
- without higher edumacation

- almost engaged
- speak 4 languages
- highly payed programmer
- filled out (not fat, just no longer lanky)
- have lived in both the US and Brazil
- in college studying physics with a minor in music

I'd say I've made progress.


Holy shit you still exist I don't care about mlp anymore but I still like that Discord thing you did a while back


File: 1nnp08r26xls.jpg (342.01 KB, 1876x1080, uh huh.jpg)

Then: Very self conscious, high schooler, virgin, plays way too many video games, very sociable

Now: Less self conscious, working and about to get a better job, engaged, plays way too many video games, a lot less sociable


the scale says different friendo


then, awesome and perfect and a manic dipshit
now, awesome and perfect and a depressed dipshit


Oh right, I forgot about the kid


File: vdkhua5siosg.png (235.59 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_calmly_looking_….png)



File: 9l3brlojxyio.jpg (17.03 KB, 400x300, I guess Ill go fuck myself.jpg)

Then: Blissfully ignorant and naive.
Now: Too self-aware to be happy.

I don't know… I like to think I changed for the better but I guess it's true what they say "you can't deal with the truth sometimes".


File: 9n1846dvtmkg.png (1.18 MB, 1440x810, __jack_o_guilty_gear_guilt….png)

Knowing your faults is a positive enforcement to improve upon other parts of yourself and progress through life.
Unless you're obsessed and depressed about them, in which case you'd need serious counseling to help you of your confusion or mindblock.


File: v54pde25zojk.jpg (42.41 KB, 720x462, FB_IMG_1500343903730.jpg)


File: ezzf71vlasqo.png (182.33 KB, 854x936, DJ- -Comeon!.png)

Oh hey!

Which Discord thing? I did a few. :P


Like everyone here, I'd say that I'm doing far better than who I was back then.

/ef/ helped me along with that, in its own ways.

I'm happy to see a general trend of progress amongst yas.



File: aa2vqp09s5j4.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, you are wonderful.png)

You are amazing, JC! Good job out there c: i hope, many happy days are ahead

ohhh!! Hey Czarina! Hope life has been good c:

aw, iara :c i hope things can be good too

…hope things can be better soon, thony. life isn't easy :c


File: q4oaomicsbnk.png (161.76 KB, 920x869, DJ- -I'mNotAnEgghead.png)

I just watched it again and scared the crap outta myself with the last laugh at the end. XD

I did good.

And thank you. I like it too.


hi moony.
yeah, it's been alright. stressful at times but nice.
about to have another babby in october :^)


File: cidev0sx42kg.jpg (33.65 KB, 400x588, princess_rapunzel_by_sajir….jpg)

Thanks, it took him long enough to pop the question

Thanks dear, I hope your lawyering is going well


File: qkzegohwm3nk.png (34.86 KB, 184x184, 1469276010669.png)

Yo congrats juicy

when's the party?


File: ho1sn0b9m9s0.png (84.05 KB, 852x938, __punzie___by_jujubajulia-….png)

Every time I get drunk its a party, Chaptor


File: r2vb7i8x11c0.png (238.23 KB, 500x568, 1495129930650.png)

When's drinkin?


File: mqp1mbsb47wg.jpg (421.95 KB, 640x480, 0be73c88dfb384912a621a1e5c….jpg)

Im drunk right now, hang out with me


-played too many vita games
-didn't really watch anime, but did watch pone

-not so gay
-not so autistic
-still pretty oblivious tbh
-still play too many vita games
-no longer watch pone, got into anime


File: 21ld2heo37xc.png (18.18 KB, 122x118, dc31b9dea22fb9a724305733de….png)

- Living with mom
- Basically never worked a day in my life
- Great relationship with extended family
- Suffering from crippling anxiety and depression

- Living with mom
- Done some volunteer work
- Great relationship with half of my extended family
- Suffering from crippling anxiety

I suppose it's an improvement overall


File: d83gfdfbb2m8.png (779.88 KB, 579x820, 1426881980339.png)

>Going to school, figuring shit out
>Ton of acquaintances, no real friends
>No money
>Not really a weeb, beginning to ruin life though
>Horrible inconsistent sleep schedule

>Taking break from school because I dunno what the fuck
>Have internet friends
>Working job I hate
>Blows money on anime figures and Warhammer minis
>Horrible inconsistent sleep schedule



No longer gay


File: 5cgfjvht5q0w.jpg (65.29 KB, 568x640, destroyer of worlds.jpg)

That's less believable than kmeb's backstory.


File: n7p7z2s3qq68.jpg (88.37 KB, 648x532, IMG_3193.JPG)

Not tho


File: vue2864z3ls0.jpg (93.99 KB, 720x960, bbell111.jpg)

>not gay
>marines sleep nut to butt underway
pick one


File: tzw8gts9fym8.jpg (27.32 KB, 545x362, B7f2_OECEAAyijj.jpg)

>baby face
>cringy and semi edgy
>depression and anxiety
>sort of a ponyfag
>shit roommates
>no gf

>look better despite weighing the exact same as when I started
>semi depressed
>bro roommates that I do capers with
>almost done with college
>still KHV


File: 5dvvx68z9nr4.jpg (5.82 MB, 5312x2988, 20170720_162953.jpg)

also built cool stuff


mein cum back to discordd


The only difference I have is that I look a bit more macho.


Who's this spunkmonk?


mia khalifa


File: f90x32ela680.jpg (16.67 KB, 136x208, 1160286510-3.jpg)

>Warped, abused child who had been so ruined by parents that the only way he could even experience love was through mindless subservience.
>Went on ponechan every day being really gay looking for men to serve, basically.
>Succeeded multiple times somehow oh god

>Live with my domestic partner in our home, very happy, stable relationship, get to laugh at my cruel family from my ivory tower.
>Still post on ponechan

Nothing important changed, still stuck on horse websites.


File: s618bloull34.jpg (118.92 KB, 666x1199, rin_tezuka_by_shiv0611-d6d….jpg)

Then: Issues with depression, still living at mom's house
Now: (Slightly) less depressed, though I suspect my medical issues will kill me before I turn 40. Also I might be moving out soon.


File: glg3jdnhs16o.jpg (9.06 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg)

oy fellow mormie.
how do I get a gf


File: 2eftzxng2elc.png (305.33 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_singing_inside_….png)

Hanus anus horrendus

Honky dory hallelulia


File: 42qb3c54eydc.jpg (363.96 KB, 750x1000, Misaka34.jpg)

- Alive

- Alive

Nothing has improved, please kill me already.


File: ik62cib3q8e8.jpg (7.93 KB, 225x225, 1501527779848.jpg)

Suicide is illegal.
So is homicide.

Please reconsider.


File: ubrnhkg1gp34.png (29.67 KB, 831x793, AwesomeKurt.PNG)

-thought I was autistic
-completely no sexual contact
-lived with parents
-had no real friends in high-school
-almost never cleaned myself
-wanting to have successful YouTube career but never making anything

-have way more regrets
-not a minor but still tiny
-no longer a brony
-have been told by professional that I'm not autistic but I'm still an asshole
-Now have gotten kisses, blowjobs, given cunnilingus, and succed titties
-gonna probably lose virginity soon
-In college to get degrees in Theatre and Communication
-now live in college dorm away from parents
-have stuck multiple phallic objects in anus and had one stuck inside
-have a few friends in college
-overall happier
-now in a kink group
-bathe almost every day
-now have YT channel with over 200 subs and a video with over 6,000 views


File: r3e3tux9wav4.jpg (163.7 KB, 500x569, JEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAANN an….jpg)

>Great relationship with extended family
>Great relationship with half of my extended family
Wut habben?

>Worrying about being a KHV
bruh, it's not really that good to get all hung up over it, in retrospect. If you feel like you really need to bust a nut…just like save some money and then go to Arizona for a couple of weeks?

Our little Kripple is moving on up in the world. They grow so fast…


File: 59suqoixxf7k.png (282.97 KB, 526x353, o2la8muhruv4.png)

I would like to tell you the story of little Billy.

Little Billy went to school as every child does. When the summer came school was out. When school was out all the children went to the local lake to have fun in the water. So did Billy. But Billy had a problem…

You see, Billy could not swim. When he tried the other kids would laugh at him and make fun of him splashing around in the water.
They would still laugh and call him names when he got out of the water and started coughing it up.

So Billy spent most of the time watching the other kids play in the water from land.

When the other kids had gone home, Billy would go out into the water again and keep trying. It was easier now that the other kids didn't make fun of him. Billy eventually learned how to swim this way. Heck, he was a better swimmer than any of the other kids.

The next day when the other kids came back, they would greet him by calling him names again and laughing at him. They told him that he would never be able to swim.

Sitting there next to the water, Billy smiled. He got up and looked out to the lake. Then he turned around and went home.

The end.


File: 9gmjw1z0jls0.gif (1.88 MB, 400x225, mimes.gif)

>Wut habben?

I transitioned

I guess going from male to passably female is also something I could have included in the list but meh.


File: dfksqaxzfaps.jpg (19.02 KB, 268x265, 1282843598831.jpg)

Sitting on a computer shitposting on /ef/

Slightly older and sitting on a computer posting on /ef/


Heard you're getting into the 3dpd world.
What say you to these allegations?


my life has not progressed in useful directions

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