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ITT: Post memories from efchan you still have
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File: pltf21eunqio.png (301.61 KB, 491x671, Bar83.png)

It's not as bad as the pocket pussy incident of yours, no.


free pipes


File: xyrfxcgppatc.gif (758.71 KB, 480x270, 1395364095931.gif)

lel, I made the photo on the left back when they claimed Ghost cobbra died. I felt like a detective.


File: 4xaztlt9kugw.png (136.63 KB, 516x400, tumblr_osjkhpTTpA1rvj4qqo2….png)

Kurt is a fucking treasure who's actually doing well. You leave him be


File: 56pis7ehoxs0.png (649.76 KB, 1280x720, 1500665974720.png)

If he's a treasure then I'm the holy grail.


File: alqynqgqzv28.png (1 MB, 639x908, 1498736943884.png)

>Little bitches talking shit about mister noodles.


File: r207v8jla0hs.png (330.95 KB, 857x768, 32434324.png)

wow uhhhhhhh


File: 2133yn9rddls.jpg (28.37 KB, 547x500, 1500655009575.jpg)

Everybody made a huge fucking fuss about it two years ago.
If you really forgot, then don't act like it that's astounding.
As I said before, ef is literally the only chan that cared when Pipes went spewing it to everyone.


File: 1lq4unb5e0bk.png (279.12 KB, 501x699, 98978986987.png)

i actually dont remember it much

i wasnt a regular here really


File: day7pyung5q8.png (136.63 KB, 516x400, tumblr_osjkhpTTpA1rvj4qqo2….png)

Mercer how does it feel that the kid in a wheelchair who shoved a sharpie in his ass is not only doing better than you socially, but has received a positive reputation in news articles about his work in summer camps?


File: i6erx5pi86ww.jpg (18.14 KB, 413x358, 1500249133849.jpg)

3 years ago*
>Summer camps
I could care less.


File: lctg5qwi8hs0.png (1.13 MB, 1306x979, 1490821777465.png)

So you do care.


File: jc33lkwqj3eo.gif (1.13 MB, 540x540, 1500737944219.gif)

I couldn't care less.*


File: hg2yrxvlipz4.png (136.63 KB, 516x400, tumblr_osjkhpTTpA1rvj4qqo2….png)

5 years of witnessing your witless ass and how you react to things, I know that sharpiebumkurt being more successful at life than you are rustles your jimmy johns because you have the arrogance to think you're better than him.


what happened to kurt


File: n5xigmwbvjls.jpg (42.1 KB, 613x555, 1500006926987.jpg)

It doesn't really.


man i'm really going to miss these pointless arguments people have with mercer


File: 62fbo61cgi2o.jpg (22.45 KB, 401x401, 1500878356060.jpg)

I know, right? They're almost as pointless as your face.


damn got me


File: kmtca0mjorgg.png (136.63 KB, 516x400, tumblr_osjkhpTTpA1rvj4qqo2….png)

started getting big into summer camp stuff, had a news article with him in it at one point, he's basically moved on.


did he got the succ


This is fucking hilarious. Glad I wandered back over here.


File: tguy4v1d22v4.jpg (69.23 KB, 686x410, e9659f7.jpg)

Every time


File: 25zghi6kgeg0.gif (410.38 KB, 250x251, 1457107593245.gif)

>then I'm the holy grail.
Is a cup meant to be filled?


File: eh4rahdq11c0.png (5.43 KB, 240x235, 2288152-1474351259425-Zz.png)

It literally has no reason to exist aside from that or looking pretty. Or both.
So yeah.


File: rhcgohgdci68.png (479.18 KB, 856x768, 1490570634626.png)

Oy vey, what misogyny!


File: ro4o21uuepds.png (336.73 KB, 1819x864, hah.PNG)


File: ujkcch2yopog.png (51.5 KB, 200x364, efchan-1402861.png)


File: f184xxga8c1s.png (36.71 KB, 258x195, post-1380575.png)


File: srjbsy1usnwg.png (139.98 KB, 261x272, lols.png)


File: y0vbjtbpxrsw.jpg (60.6 KB, 711x960, 1485025647056.jpg)

Holy Shit was I hoping to see this one token cap again.


File: w5reumlfhtds.gif (1.14 MB, 896x498, 1279052__safe_solo_screenc….gif)

At that time I was playing on my first 'PC' ever which was a graduation gift from my dad back in '09. It was a pre-made gaming laptop from iBuyPower that I still have to this day. Only difference it has is that I threw a SSD in it for better booting load times. And it's refresh rate was the typical 60 hrtz.

Now with the thanks of Deltau essentially picking out what parts I needed on a budget to build my former, original desktop PC (Back in '13 roughly with tax returns considered) coupled with a 144 hrtz monitor I find myself playing anything with lower than 100 frames a second unplayable. Imagine if I had this back then.

I really could've been a better fat man.


I remember how he became a bit of a misandrist despite his problem being unable to screen people.
Top jej.
Did he ever buck his drug habit?


As for Brownie, all I remember is how conflicted he felt about liking taking it in the ass.
He was an ok guy. Wonder where he went off to.
You're thinkinb about Heckler.
And since you're sharing deets on that, what kinda porn was he into?


Oh, and before I forget
Nibbas, whatever happened to Nelrond?

Last I heard of him on Skype's end was that he was in Vancouver living with his crush who was going into animation school (and honestly not that good, but I know how much of a ceiling there is to that art, so it takes a lot for it to look good.)


File: ciipxa32bpc0.jpg (89.96 KB, 791x257, get_a_job.jpg)

Rainy Dash, the Whiner.


File: xthj4swcs45c.png (359.86 KB, 1200x777, tzj7dj3mcwzk.png)

Cross, he who knows properly clean the a-noose.


File: grhgtjf1of0g.png (63.46 KB, 500x119, cnqmk6v511xc.png)

When garbage didn't seem so hot at first.


File: ddnhtrwzlm9s.png (9.21 KB, 509x358, aww_shit_ninja.png)

Oh yeah, /ef/ Skype was a thing.


File: 7naj20v4pi4g.png (54.26 KB, 846x322, aoe_sucks_dick.png)

Remember AoE?

I barely do.


I have him on Facebook and Tumblr; he's still doing his cook thing. He and his girlfriend want to run a maid cafe at cons. They both have excellent taste in pornography. I told him about /ef/ dying, he said he'll drop by sometime


> They both have excellent taste in pornography.


They both have porn blogs on Tumblr, though Nelly's is much more active


I'm right here. I wasn't posting much because I was actually kinda having a life.


I actually did lol. I've never finished from a succ tho.
Damn it Cross why didn't you post this before I shoved the sharpie in there.



File: 8imm3p77jw5c.jpg (818.05 KB, 1352x3732, the ATM fiasco on chat.jpg)

I can't believe I forgot this one


what happened to bush after he faked having a terminal illness
thats the last time i saw him


File: 2zg23xpczejk.png (99.42 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2017-08-01-23-1….png)


File: neathvzlc4cg.png (239.15 KB, 900x1054, 1430170220844.png)

Most people just leave. An image board is like a good movie or a game. If you're not autistic enough you get tired of it eventually.


He would pop up occasionally for a few days then disappear again.

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