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Why do ugly fat feminists complain about rape so much? It's not like anyone would them them attractive enough to rape anyway.


File: fjmlnnzz1hq8.png (84.05 KB, 852x938, __punzie___by_jujubajulia-….png)

why do you only have two teeth?


File: xljnb6r37qbk.jpeg (178.24 KB, 254x478, 1492706429160.jpeg)

Excuse me but did you just assume that squids oral skeletal features?


File: f5pq2cxz5xj4.jpg (244.75 KB, 710x1125, _rapunzel_knows_best__by_b….jpg)

excuse me, but did you just assume my assumptions?


Facebook claims it is your birthday tod- holy shit you're almost two years younger than me

Happy birthday~


Oh, yea it is
Thank you


File: fxi0f4dnzgu8.jpeg (767.39 KB, 2000x2560, full.jpeg)


File: dhntd1cgpfy8.jpeg (137.78 KB, 1005x1440, 1492787480386.jpeg)

Excuse me, but did you just assume my assumed assumptions?

Also happy late birthday


File: vb1supcq85xc.png (125.42 KB, 439x287, 483.png)

System is rigged for attention whoring, and reducing things to short easily digestible low literacy sound bytes gets the most attention of all.
There are people out there who are willing to have boring long-winded logical discussion on things, but your attention is intensely drawn to exciting stuff like people blowing minor arguments into crying rape, cultural marxism, political correctness, nazis, racism, communism. Whatever.

Can't be helped, but if your solution is to push back so hard that you start thinking rape or violence are a good thing, you're officially an idiot.


File: oug33xo3dr7k.jpg (25.01 KB, 600x375, 1287476900833.jpg)

Shut up you communist Nazi rapist. Go back to Canada.


File: t81i6uhianls.jpg (308.3 KB, 1493x812, Tree_Escape.jpg)

Maybe they were young and pretty and raped at an earlier point in life.

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