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Why does your local autist Simon think he is Moony?


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Long story short.
Mongolian horse chans are infamous for cyber-stalking certain people and make fun of them. They do this because they enjoy these we-don't-like-that-guy secret clubs, although you will often hear them trying to justify this behaviour by trying to have better reasons to do so.

Well original Moony had just that.
Instead of being a shit sponge and soak up all the negative quirks he would do the opposite and pretend to be the people he stalked in a possitive light.
He really was a shining light in darkness when he hacked people and tried lift up their possitive sides and hinder the negatives while the rest were trying to tear people down.

Some time around 2011-2012 the FBI hit down hard on cooky cyber-stalking and this was the time original Moony disappeared. He was replaced with… whatever that other guy is.

In honor of my old teacher and following the teachings of the Hagakure I have chosen Moony as my new, cool internet cowboy name.

I don't think I am him and please be understandable of my autism.


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The real question here is

which is your favorite Rider?


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Ichigo, V3, and Stronger.


I haven't seen any but Fourze is the one who befriended satellite weapons, right?


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>your favorite Rider?
<== This one


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Fourze, its the only one I watched. I also liked the blue guy from den-o in that one movie that had everyone.


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