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File: 1utr8islum5s.png (156.01 KB, 138x649, dafuq.png)


Do you ever get that feeling of Deja vu?


File: v4l2p11kvqio.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.5 KB, 720x482, 1460850587335.jpg)

you ever get that feeling that you're a fucking slave and you should get your ass back here?


Do you ever get that oh hey efchan is still up feeling?


Do you ever get that feeling of Mandela effect?


Get a feeling so complicated.

Do you ever get a feeling this might be another motherfucking JoJo reference?


File: efl2804hb5ds.png (64.82 KB, 214x233, yis.png)

Not quite.


File: isjy2dm8cl4w.png (178.98 KB, 1024x1231, fluttershy_vector___08_ope….png)

I strictly remember having two wisdom teeth. Not one.

It's good to write stuff down.

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