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/ef/ grant me your powers to conquer Mach's boipussi fort.


File: rl7hmglrcyrk.jpg (21.42 KB, 249x251, 179.jpg)



File: 8gs7gh8pux6o.png (581.57 KB, 900x900, __seiran_touhou_drawn_by_m….png)

The ass is phat, Mach.


How do you know?


File: 2aeq2r0vwam8.png (1.58 MB, 1023x707, __hakurei_reimu_and_kochiy….png)

Thicc thighs usually go with phat butts.
This is the Delly rapes Machy wedding thread.

Youre really dedicated to us. ❤


File: dgwcc6ckspvk.jpg (47.87 KB, 680x600, 1432759712804.jpg)

Get a room


File: ig1rvvukhrsw.jpg (126.18 KB, 718x600, 1452154781428.jpg)

they just did, you walked in


Help me


File: uxk2k5gdineo.jpg (194.21 KB, 618x581, 1445057607015.jpg)

This isn't a room, this is like a sofa inside a room that all of us are in


File: ptbtwecdksu8.png (2.62 MB, 1200x1703, 1485899481107.png)


File: 7uaqg23v33b4.gif (525.81 KB, 364x489, 5f262b02d0cbc49721dd1abe5f….gif)

That's really hot


File: cny5hew9jvgg.png (70.97 KB, 349x262, Bar23.png)

>Scaly cold bussy



File: w8bkmkv0fklc.webm (2.17 MB, 562x314, 1485281330011.webm)

>Walk into woods.
>Immediately find another fucking greasy snake rape orgy mountain.

Simon Belmont didn't die for this.


File: 5gb1fuzw6xog.png (122.08 KB, 526x479, Bar60.png)

>Mike sighs as he pulls out his axe to yet again stave off heresy from his back yard


File: jnqt70n5y22o.png (92.59 KB, 189x234, Entering plansect village.png)


File: wgvvly5ic7pc.png (70.42 KB, 299x379, Bar36.png)

>As the blood stains the hilt of his axe a deeper and deeper crimson, he ponders where his archenemy the Moose is, between the screams of agony the writhing mass of scales that lay beneath his tread.


File: jtwlvm04g9vk.gif (236.08 KB, 311x267, 58ddccc587edafb9b21c704394….gif)

Monster girls are for loving not for killing


File: egwjmqhkwoao.png (58.96 KB, 216x359, Bar52.png)

They shouldn't have mass orgies on other peoples properties then.


File: qfcnydgsl8g0.png (236.64 KB, 700x700, Rarity 107r.png)

This tbh. If you claim to be sentient you immediately receive the rights and responsibilities of sentient creatures. If I was living in a little suburb and the Davissons came and orgied on my lawn then I would be like "I do not want to have sex with these filthy lawn-sexers. I would rather have sex with the Dongsons who do it in the privacy of their own home also they're named dong which is funny."

Keep your monstergirl on a leash if she's more monster than girl.


File: jgtdo6atajgg.png (964.39 KB, 756x1137, __reiuji_utsuho_touhou_dra….png)

Can two boys have children if we try really hard enough?


File: htbk5ri0pji8.png (138.32 KB, 500x500, Rarity 1em.png)

Butt babies are a thing. Wear a condom.


File: viiguewb8qo0.png (516.79 KB, 1044x1500, __moriya_suwako_and_yasaka….png)

Thank you great Northern sage.
I will preserve Mach's impregnation virginity intact.


File: 7tkgctndyfi8.png (489.66 KB, 900x1180, tmp_29980-eacd0633-b000-42….png)




File: aa0py9qk8mio.jpg (283.87 KB, 600x600, __kirisame_marisa_grimoire….jpg)

Everfree marriages are legally binding until 10 years after the ceremony. Both parties are obligated to live together until then under conditions of the contract. If a party wishes to prematurely end the relationship they will have to pay a fine of $1,000,000 and will have to periodically visit the previous partner every Sunday for physical intimacy. Failure to meet up with these conditions will reinstate the previous marriage and extend the contract end period double the amount of time originaly intended.


File: dp0m9oje2ha8.png (151.37 KB, 664x833, tmp_29980-7cfdbfbb-dff0-4e….png)

I never consented to this


File: ubuyl1ba33sw.jpg (112.66 KB, 715x638, ican'tbelievethisshit.jpg)

i got your proofs right here
jace can verify this


looks legit


File: rfhw5dtx2tq8.png (84.05 KB, 852x938, __punzie___by_jujubajulia-….png)

Everything seems to be in order


File: s5y3xzlg5xc0.jpg (23.66 KB, 600x644, 3e4.jpg)

That document is a sham!


File: m26erz9navpc.png (1.56 MB, 1366x768, 1470528404082.png)

This fag certificate checks out.


File: hmyby99gw8ow.jpg (45.4 KB, 512x512, 1486619979520.jpg)

Domo my compatriots.

Consider your case closed.
Your goose cooked.
Your butt spanked.
Race finished.
War lost.
Battle hard fought.
Boipussy invaded.


File: vrhh5cax8tts.png (93.86 KB, 320x320, 1472508511066.png)


File: 2io32o3s4ns0.png (118.43 KB, 581x426, 1446678695964.png)

Dems the ruuru.


File: 6ihlngoxcznk.png (583.29 KB, 1024x791, rules_rules_by_kawaiidebu-….png)


File: jzncpmdfyjgg.png (768.42 KB, 750x1050, __houjuu_nue_touhou_drawn_….png)

Even Mach follows the Rururururus.
Time to dress in tight leather, hun.


File: r4s1lvmqnj0g.gif (751.33 KB, 500x375, Home-gem-Lapis-lapis-lazul….gif)

uhhhhh no


File: jk7h5xq2gfsw.png (408.74 KB, 1023x723, tmp_18356-__komeiji_koishi….png)

Would you prefer silk?


File: xee0c9gas83k.gif (593.97 KB, 500x603, 11641819_861733077254551_1….gif)


File: huqeqt1vslj4.png (723.11 KB, 1000x800, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_draw….png)

Mach is mine. You can't escape. I am the♂boss♂ of♂this♂gym.


File: 5x240yxi9c00.gif (734.35 KB, 500x285, tmp_20309-anuAvfp-61608922….gif)

>a guy I had an internet crush on at one point wants to fuck another guy I had an internet crush on


File: ozqsu10wyrk0.gif (525.81 KB, 364x489, 5f262b02d0cbc49721dd1abe5f….gif)


File: 70s33tkxemww.gif (923.08 KB, 500x281, tmp_20309-04e773552c36750d….gif)


File: t18wwboiu39c.jpeg (29.3 KB, 300x300, papsssmear-profile_image-….jpeg)

Does everyone here want to fuck my ass?


File: 3cmeolpdwrwg.png (239.05 KB, 600x800, __kaenbyou_rin_touhou_draw….png)

Write in into a doujin. Platinum seller.

Just me tbqh. Mach should experiment.


File: 2zwgq8ubybc0.png (69.79 KB, 540x331, tumblr_okvt3z1D4C1tjus4qo1….png)

But I can't


File: d1uklmefre2o.png (2.1 MB, 2179x2750, __kaenbyou_rin_touhou_draw….png)

Just take a shower and use skin location to hide any aftermath.

We'll use bleach to finish crimescene evidence from the kitchen, livingroom, shower and bedroom.


File: tpvpaeufrsw0.jpg (49.88 KB, 500x288, 132017448242.jpg)

Why do you even go anon?


File: t9poqcsdrrb4.jpg (142.79 KB, 472x472, __kamishirasawa_keine_touh….jpg)

I think it's cute to play Guess Who with everyday posters.


File: m85pdblbdssg.png (263.88 KB, 298x540, 132017394822.png)

No I mean that poster specifically, theyre very obvious


File: 60rll1nvp4ow.jpg (58.18 KB, 500x436, 1451418631764.jpg)

cus I'm lazy and post from like 4 different places


File: 27a90v94qfq8.jpg (65.33 KB, 472x472, __ex_keine_and_kamishirasa….jpg)

Oh. Sorry.
I'm not very good at guessing names so if someone can go under someone's radar being Anon is accomplishing something, right?


File: ryhyjm6keadc.png (43.23 KB, 400x279, 446.png)

I'm just concerned that multiple people apparently have internet crushes on me.


File: qoml0xbi95hc.jpg (49.41 KB, 500x400, 132017428699.jpg)

Have or had, but you still should fine it a compliment


File: pv6nfzxa70u8.png (614.26 KB, 900x1200, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_d….png)

It crushes my heart you dont want my love, Machy. You should relieve some of my pain.


File: 60056sof5ips.png (237.86 KB, 407x511, 1486490940535.png)

>Guilt tripping me is going to turn me gay


File: 8vacjiq2oww0.png (324.43 KB, 675x900, __tatara_kogasa_touhou_dra….png)

Let's meet half-way on the shaft and just give me a kissu. If you don't like it you'll no longer get lewd posts directed at you. It can't be all that bad. You were nearly attracted to me when you thought I was a girl.


File: f0qwebh7setc.png (116.27 KB, 373x329, grounder.png)

how in the hell would I know if I like it or not over the internet. I'm not going to go clear to the San Francisco metropolitan area just to kiss a dude.


File: yg0dxnpw05j4.png (898.21 KB, 900x900, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_d….png)

The power of love defeats any obstacle!


File: giarjejv3chs.png (245.46 KB, 500x331, tumblr_inline_n1sh9nZ9n41s….png)

Yanderes defeat obstacles, normal love just persists in spite of them.


File: m4nbt0u143k0.jpg (226.73 KB, 1876x1080, huh2.jpg)

Isn't Yandere when you murder your partner?


File: 2gly0sygvlts.png (909.23 KB, 1000x800, __junko_touhou_drawn_by_mi….png)

Machy if I learn there's someone else I'm going to tear a second fault right through the state and trap your body in lowest pits of Earth's mantle.

Stop being so impossible and give me a kiss.


File: n1n7s79h8lxc.jpg (55.41 KB, 472x620, 1k9yksyz8r2o.jpg)

Second fault right through the state? Which one?


File: j7mdwphko1kw.png (426.74 KB, 750x900, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_draw….png)

Mach. When are you going to kiss me? I ordered it in hours ago.



File: r7pwhfcirfnk.jpg (24.37 KB, 488x410, 1484292885277.jpg)

Yandere is when you would do insane things to be with your partner.
It's not happening.


File: 9oe0lk9zcu4g.jpg (452.02 KB, 1000x1200, __kamishirasawa_keine_touh….jpg)

So manly… He knows how to take charge when the situation calls for it….
Underestimating Mach only makes me realize I love him even more for who he is.

Efchan! Please share your energy to seduce my beloved!


Yandere is murdering everything except your partner


File: r2ta886hhgcg.png (340.28 KB, 1500x873, __komeiji_koishi_and_mary_….png)

Machy, do you want come to a middle-ground agreement between us?


File: 6cyfscaq1qps.png (239.15 KB, 465x336, 1473808728379.png)

I can't be a gay because I will be disowned by my family if I'm anything less than a god-fearing straight male. I'm already hiding the fact I don't believe in god from them, I don't need more secrets.


File: txkapikqcwlc.png (242.19 KB, 600x652, __tsukumo_benben_touhou_dr….png)

Can petplay at least be allowed? I doesnt have to be gay if you're just closely leashed to me like a good boy. You get free food and pets.


File: gh43qfonpdkw.jpg (62 KB, 487x640, ziX6zXSl.jpg)

As much as I like petplay, I'm afraid I can't.


File: 216n75rsfxkw.png (462.45 KB, 707x1000, __houraisan_kaguya_inaba_t….png)

What about becoming a kept man in my home with pet play. Tell your family you have a loving and caring roommate and they'll never no the difference. They won't have to know how rough it'll get when the door closes.


File: d7nyj3powf7k.jpg (424.07 KB, 1500x1557, 1350429314298.jpg)

My fav ship


File: 2vps764e1y80.png (255.86 KB, 600x900, __hecatia_lapislazuli_touh….png)

We play off eachother like light off mirrors don't we?

I just need to attract Machy a little with some treats and spot on my bed.


File: 2os83zwiqwww.jpg (357.36 KB, 1653x2338, 1466137349990.jpg)

and then they kissed…


File: 3k61gr049z28.png (332.29 KB, 600x900, __soga_no_tojiko_touhou_dr….png)

Mach you're being a little too skittish. If we were to fall in love I'd always make you happy.



File: egr87j2kkzcw.png (542.91 KB, 1280x1340, Animal - Das scary.png)

Man, those results are off the charts. I guess Everfreeforestchan considers internet flirting a serious topic.


File: eylcnxvnu0hs.jpg (84.81 KB, 580x563, 1483674364761.jpg)

It's a mutual agreement to always keep everfree in the balance of sfw and nsfw.


lol why does this allow me to just submit another vote, that's so stupid


I find it very hard to believe there are this many people on /ef/


File: f3lv6tsue7eo.png (323.38 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_\-this_is_my_fa….png)


File: lducwiu57280.jpg (175.45 KB, 932x792, 1471674072087.jpg)

>72 Yes

Machy, what's your answer? Are you going to be a bad dog and getting leashed or be a good dog and gets treats?


File: 4ris4ncjin7k.png (272.07 KB, 1248x640, fluttershy_is_a_cutie_by_a….png)

When did we get 150 users?


File: d57hqt4hneo0.png (35.19 KB, 139x202, Okuu Gen (368).png)

We're actually a really popular romantic novela that hundreds of women watch weekly.


File: dpxtxtdlkq2o.png (157.45 KB, 1024x768, v5.png)


File: ckz39ndk4buo.png (81.87 KB, 459x383, Okuu Gen (518).png)

Upcoming expisode:
Mach's Cummies
Mach's Pikachu can't defeat the MetalGreymon and gets sent to the Shadow Realm.


File: pcpis9m8bw8w.jpg (632.23 KB, 2000x1000, o-AMERICAN-PSYCHO-TYPO-fac….jpg)

Well I hope I am able to disgust them as much as possible.



File: tla6ag9m0000.jpg (107.7 KB, 600x800, CgK4XvyUIAEjBHp.jpg)

Bad dog it is then.


File: 12h7hquggwca.jpg (391.64 KB, 728x1030, 1482681384566.jpg)

Hiding from me will only make my yandere urges grow.


File: j0n5zgbl1af4.jpg (224.14 KB, 1200x1031, __reisen_udongein_inaba_ri….jpg)

Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy Machy


File: fn0t2mk8vhfk.png (843.16 KB, 900x900, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….png)

Machy, who are hiding from me? Wasn't our love enough?



Eat shit.


This is getting increasingly weird and creepy


File: x63oo368bksg.png (199.54 KB, 600x600, medium.png)


this tbh


File: a7aawc82xhc0.png (279.82 KB, 488x336, Shizuoketsu1.png)

>people are being bothered by this
I've gone to the point where I end up overlooking 80% of the content here and honestly don't care enough.


File: bwaj7qao6z9c.gif (1.86 MB, 200x196, ewwxmlpzxvcw.gif)

Have you tried wrestling him?


File: lsqja9yi88ow.png (661.05 KB, 900x900, __doremy_sweet_touhou_draw….png)

Homewreckers. You're homewreckers. You've taken my little pet away. How dare you put me into a state of constant worry for him.

Damn son, why?


File: ns2a6zw9045c.png (420.78 KB, 804x673, 1488171653635.png)

He told you.
He needs to care about it.


File: cecztq6yvri8.png (1003.07 KB, 900x1350, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….png)

If you're ignoring so much in such a small community then I hope it's not a forced habit for you to come here.


File: w2tkx8rl5b0g.png (39.38 KB, 296x200, vector__494___fluttershy__….png)

It is.
A lot of us were nuts when we first came here a few years ago.
Really, really, really cared about the ongoings.


Seriously it's getting to the point where I'd completely drop contact. It stopped being cute and started being creepy after a couple days.


File: bfum3lo9ljb4.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, ckvr8ef2ej9c.jpg)

It doesn't revolve around Sky Heart? Sky Heart doesn't give a FUCK if it's not all about Sky Heart. Tough guy Sky Heart doesn't give a DAMN. Shieeettttttt boiiiiiiiiii.

Nah it's cute.


File: 2a067lrxqi4g.jpg (46.56 KB, 185x404, __clownpiece_and_junko_tou….jpg)

You should give back what isn't yours. I've been eyeing him for years, got the courage to talk to him and now you and some goons come out and tell me to stop? You took him away from me, my sweet pet.

Sky Heart fansite where?


File: fnnk3adb9vr4.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, ckvr8ef2ej9c.jpg)

>Sky Heart fansite where?
If it exists, he'd have made it himself. So ask him.


File: u5k5x082ym0w.png (199.18 KB, 500x500, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….png)

Too much work.
There's like a million furries that call themselves Sky Heart.
And our Sky Heart is only logged down on Google as using Maki images from Pchan.
Also his 9 inch cock image is plastered on some gay website adverts.


File: blbhhz1iwem8.png (279.82 KB, 488x336, orq3ti9ylyio.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if you would create it, considering how you're on my dick all the time


I'm sure to you it looks more cute and funny and less cringy, but do people actually respond positively to this stuff?


"Everfreeforestchan: To You It Probably Looks More Cute And Funny."


File: cls0r335ka2o.jpg (553.65 KB, 1528x2048, __doremy_sweet_touhou_draw….jpg)

Stealing someone's pet is a very serious offense.
He's a precious puppy to me, you're hiding away the only person that calms my panic.


File: tnomc856o5j4.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, ckvr8ef2ej9c.jpg)

What a gruff and tough thing to say. Neat roleplaying.


File: c7lodt9ntkhs.jpg (432.75 KB, 1273x712, 1486165605098.jpg)

Just ignore him.


File: fud6720equbk.jpg (20.3 KB, 407x407, 1487385209429.jpg)

Well get off his dick then.


File: f8h77rbx7fgg.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, heh.jpg)

Why? His dick may leave whenever it pleases. I'm comfortable with the current arrangement and there is no reason to change anything. Is it making you uncomfortable to see or something?


File: 82kxm0e6kby8.webm (3.94 MB, 480x360, Vel'Koz Triangle.webm)

I see Ben's dick isn't the only thing rubbing off in you.


File: hzwcw76ancw0.gif (276.75 KB, 477x566, 1455095058677.gif)

>guy making snide comments about how nothing on this site matters to him and acts like total poser/wannabe badass
>make fun of him
>sky heart internet defense force pops up and every single post is about his penis
>this is happening in the boys love thread, not even a derail


File: 546t5msbda0w.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, 1485216998064.png)

Please stop having sex on my couch.


File: nd4iwlx5i4g0.jpg (19.3 KB, 281x222, alien and mecha nigga judg….jpg)

No need to be hot and bothered, you already got the girl.


>Talk shit about someone completely unprovoked
>Justify it


File: 27snz4toxhog.png (137.93 KB, 459x638, Okuu QS (68).png)

You guys are being ultra dumb.
This boy love thread was a happy thread.
I guess it's back to sexually advancing on Tracer.


File: nv3w5id1wh6o.png (339.65 KB, 640x480, fwwubi7hwr9c.png)

Littlle does Ted know I just painted a brick wall with my name on it. Hopefully he doesn't notice how much more sexually stimulating the wall is compared to me.



File: kcrckt5c1udc.jpg (328.77 KB, 640x934, Hillary Xcom.jpg)


File: 2d9f7qlgxk80.png (121.22 KB, 355x163, Okuu Gen (59).png)

You use clear glass windows to fool a bird, not a wall.


File: y8qxgnumkh6o.jpg (131.43 KB, 768x1024, 2cool4school.jpg)

>He said while talking to the wall

Yes, it's working.


File: pvt9tgdoxrls.png (153.73 KB, 600x551, Okuu Gen (77).png)

This wall is a pretty good conversation partner.


File: j1xijs9hdvy8.jpg (309.18 KB, 850x1118, cover.jpg)

>Ted thinks the wall is good at conversing now

Uh-oh. The wall might fuck it up by talking more than normally would.


File: 9wkif2nx6eps.png (279.82 KB, 488x336, Shizuoketsu1.png)

Well while you continue being petty, I'm going to actually continue making real progress in life and not waste money on plastic surgery to fail fixing a mental illness.


File: px15kcjhq5mo.jpg (26.86 KB, 400x267, black-crow-sitting-brick-w….jpg)

Yes, I have claimed my man.


File: r3j61g5oc9a8.jpg (117.85 KB, 959x959, 7s11YDU.jpg)

>*silent laughter intensifies


File: rkufhrqu188w.jpg (14.2 KB, 324x451, 1464963051527.jpg)

>The whole last part
Oh, dude, talk about throwing gas into the fire.
Gotta retreat from this coming nuclear exchange.

Mock me now, but you will realize Mr. Trace Wall is happy with me!


File: 1l8a70dg01vk.jpg (28.89 KB, 500x324, Nedroid Shitpost.jpg)

>Defend Sky Heart
>He stoops to their level immiediately

You crazy kids…


File: ge7e64gr0dfk.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, heh.jpg)

And you're so above everyone, right?

Oh look, more self aggrandizing bullshit.


File: yu1u6l2e4kcg.gif (536.89 KB, 500x281, tumblr_njk7fgFoZ81s4s960o1….gif)

You should know better, old lady


File: dnw027ycx6gw.png (265.96 KB, 472x620, A24.png)

Do your homework.


File: dc8phjiqwtts.png (92.15 KB, 292x291, 2zux5sg0sfwg.png)


File: p1msa9r3z8cg.jpg (77.42 KB, 480x465, fd2f165920a04a9b6b0fcf77ff….jpg)

Oh hush I'm doing it as we speak.

Post roborarara


File: 2rsdvjk7zdpc.png (122.04 KB, 300x500, Machine - Who.png)

Your wish is my command.


File: 9spejtc0g7b4.png (143.54 KB, 733x258, A13.png)

You don't seem the sort to multitask easily.


File: koof7i2etbls.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, heh.jpg)

>he overlooks 80% of what goes on here because he only has the mental capacity for 20% and spends all of his time here
Sounds pretty likely to me


File: cgrw30p8jhmo.jpg (77.42 KB, 480x465, fd2f165920a04a9b6b0fcf77ff….jpg)

God you post nice rarara

If I can play an online team based real time game, watch a video, eat my food, help family, and browse, I can watch a video and browse.


File: 7wdyfvylaups.png (173.92 KB, 382x419, A43.png)

Surprisingly cocky attitude coming from you.

We'll see.


File: nxerntmnrrpc.jpg (78.66 KB, 683x1168, Machine - SO KYOOT, I wish….jpg)


File: 5hz3l56qhyf4.jpg (570.64 KB, 1536x2048, __doremy_sweet_and_kishin_….jpg)

Boy love shattered.
A sweet blossoming relationship in ruins and now the thread is in strife.

Im Everfree nothing comes out alive.

I want Doctum to right a tragic romance novel.


File: vb2swecaivi8.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, heh.jpg)

I don't mean to come off like I'm propping myself up here.

I'm definitely being a shithead about it, but his "I'm too good for you people" comment was worthy of ridicule and now I'm just going with the flow of the conversation out of curiosity. If it bothers you enough that you want it to stop, just say so and I'll drop it. Like I said before I'm just comfortable enough with the current arrangement that I don't see a need to stop for my own sake, and I obviously don't care if I'm bothering him, that's kind of the goal in the first place, but I do worry I'm bringing other people down by pissing away with him over nothing.


File: 2vs3q9tbz2qo.png (202.68 KB, 1000x843, Rarity 1mcb.png)

"Yo, listen up, Deleted was like "FUCKING HORNY!" and Mach was like "LMAO ME TOO!" and then shit went to poopy and Deleted was sad because Deleted REALLY likes RP and then didn't get yoghurt much sad, but at least there's always cum."

lyk if u crying every timtams


File: ewztm3zjv8cg.png (265.96 KB, 472x620, A24.png)

Oh, no, harp away. I give Mercer and Simon a hard time for shits and giggles, I wouldn't expect anyone to go easy on anyone who says something dumb. I only made the comment as a reference to you yourself.

As long as Ben shuts up about it I don't expect much more to this thread.




File: whj7ffxz8lj4.jpg (445.07 KB, 1682x2048, __aki_shizuha_hecatia_lapi….jpg)


What the heck. "no".


File: 4iw51y37wglc.gif (544.5 KB, 500x281, 1453268287-467a503527dac01….gif)

>dat aperture body


File: hzcmj7h5i134.jpg (28.97 KB, 540x319, 1487260203454.jpg)

The only person who's too good for you fucking slags is me. Now get me video games and porn.


File: teuq1jov3rpc.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, heh.jpg)

Nah, I'm shit. I take a little too much enjoyment in getting into it with people sometimes. I try to show restraint, but breakdowns in respect have on more occasions than this caused me to overdo a pissing match with someone. Not really the end of the world either way, its just words.


File: 2sff4pzl2rs0.png (206.28 KB, 482x444, A111.png)


File: u0bfc8wcz30g.png (7.05 MB, 4000x4000, Machine - Injection port s….png)


File: piu7f7bdml8g.jpg (564.53 KB, 2048x1536, 1482992651017.jpg)

Buy me Berserk and Tales of Berseria
Yeah but my words are better than your words


File: f6uvm7bhscu8.jpg (137.98 KB, 640x476, 1481750719134.jpg)



File: qzbwhfqzjs3k.png (30.84 KB, 962x696, 1424766776830.png)

Smell my ass and cook me dinner.


File: ae6v2a37zqbk.gif (230.13 KB, 640x360, 1381888317854.gif)

Play the game I bought you.


File: phyo4uz3m680.jpg (109.4 KB, 1200x875, C4EXf0kUYAE7RMI.jpg)

>When you RP so hard you scare off a poster from the chan

I actually want to apologize to Mach if I really took it across that line, but you've either blocked me from Discord or your privacy setting keeps strangers away.

Either way if you ever do come across this message, I'm very sorry for coming off as either too serious or not stopping too early for your comfort, Mach.


File: lr96tnud73eo.png (143.54 KB, 733x258, A13.png)

Way to go.


File: fjhfivmjxgcg.png (231.67 KB, 312x381, Screenshot_3.png)


File: w1fjwoucdhj4.jpeg (315.21 KB, 900x1559, 1487953545652.jpeg)

good job you fukin turbo nerd


File: wi9cnae0qx34.png (275.54 KB, 337x431, Screenshot_12.png)

This is an apology to Mach, not smack Deleted upside the head thread.


File: guvo4l219n28.jpeg (60.99 KB, 500x481, 1488143761979.jpeg)

It is now nerd.


File: xthh9hl5b37k.jpg (106.35 KB, 500x706, C1VTJ4XVEAAYNN6.jpg)

Papa Mongol you're omitting my being sorry to Mach. Pls.


one day mach will realize that efchan is still here


File: 1kb3kwdi48z4.jpeg (24.17 KB, 455x603, thot.jpeg)

not so fast


File: r886puyl0f7k.png (171.3 KB, 353x555, 1480019927529.png)

I'm here for the bully Deleted thread


File: wkvm9q09grgg.jpg (254.55 KB, 850x1201, Okuu SD (7).jpg)

Sasuga, Papa Pussi.

本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね
本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね


File: xsyw5oh2a9s0.jpg (129.91 KB, 1539x497, 8_IvoNandi-Miguel.jpg)

How can I find out if efchan is still here?


File: 4il71dh1ezuo.jpg (45.62 KB, 474x474, screaming.jpg)

>efchan is still here


File: nvdsm6q6vf28.jpg (424.07 KB, 1500x1557, 1350429314298.jpg)

Is this the thread to report to if you want to bully deleted?





Goddamn it Deleted

I want to have sexual relations with the character in the op


File: wxlabmulqtq8.png (197.42 KB, 327x348, Okuu Gen (506).png)

Mach won't be able to see his apology if you ape-men go around and try to bully all my attempts into omission.


File: 6ddg1xi6eayo.jpg (142.59 KB, 472x472, 1447475497084.jpg)

Mach pls.

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