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File: lzqwj4fkr280.jpg (15.58 KB, 186x299, juubey-58279.jpg)


I'll just leave this Juubey here.


File: z4misc5veg3k.jpg (9.16 KB, 129x128, 15 (2).jpg)

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File: 318s11p1g82o.png (282.03 KB, 623x513, full (3).png)

If it's not still alive and moving when it hits your colon it's not Japanese cooking.


File: 7yigzo96by0w.png (1 MB, 639x908, 1498736943884.png)

>Just learning Japanese cooking.



My son's birthday is in 2 weeks and I have a shirt I want to get him but donut have the money for it atm
Also have so many things I want to get the little dude I'm having in 3 months things @_@_@_@_@_@_@_@_@

File: snyt3tih7gg0.gif (675.02 KB, 500x300, 58456754669.gif)


how's it goin LOSERS

is speedy still here

what have I missed in these few years
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File: 1m2zgfsle4ow.gif (1.04 MB, 500x374, 1420233304407.gif)

It was Vaustens ass


There is no such thing as a Speedy


I remember Speedy's name but I don't remember the person

File: 8wnavjxn87b4.jpg (1.04 MB, 1545x1060, 1499642086810.jpg)


Sometimes I pull on it so hard I rip the barkskin.


File: fb7qdtb8dv5s.png (130.06 KB, 300x276, seal10.png)


Hey buddy I think you got the wrong lane

File: l5x6k6dfcydc.jpeg (125.76 KB, 904x616, 1497560290656.jpeg)


me on the right
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In the loo?


File: 2d1injv4jpxc.jpg (400.47 KB, 800x1106, 1463211182292.jpg)

What happened to her nose?

File: qg7kizcrku0w.png (586.26 KB, 1028x1500, 1397323392916.png)



File: ccyhraqgub5s.jpg (64.52 KB, 900x487, Theoden.jpg)


I found the soundtrack for /ef/.






File: 3dvl7776fg5c.png (18.46 KB, 104x186, rk1.png)


Want 157 games that you'll never play for five bucks?


Have fun.
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File: 6qxo6ulso4jk.png (18.46 KB, 104x186, rk1.png)

But you won't.


But the option is better.


File: n4j4hw50nncw.jpg (128.38 KB, 1200x901, xof.jpg)

Both options are shit, really.

File: lg9tr6agcetc.jpg (83.69 KB, 690x960, 15894570_1738088816506303_….jpg)


Sliced my finger open and don't remember when my last tetanus shot was. About 1.5cm long and maybe 2mm deep. Maybe call doc tomorrow. Stopped bleeding after about 10 secs but a lot in that time. Drenched it in Neosporin. Will I die? Knife was not sterile but not particularly dirty with anything like raw meat or soil. Folded back on me and caught me while I was trying to cut open a plastic bottle.


no pics of wound because it wasnt my priority and its all cleaned and wrapped up now. and by cleaned i mean with lots of neosporin, fuck soap and water, shit burns.


I never worried about tetanus from just a cut, usually if it was some old rusty shit that had been outside for a while. My last tetanus shot was damn near fifteen years ago and in the last few years I've sliced my hands up quite a bit, including nearly lopping off a chunk of thumb and catching that back of one of my fingers with a serrated blade that stuck in. That finger's still a bit stiff a couple of years later from the scar tissue being right over the joint.


So my power supply died.

Recommend me a new one lads.
I'm sleepy so I might give more info in the morn.

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Computer has been successfully fixed :)

Time to do my RMA with EVGA now wew


File: 83038hc79ta8.jpg (120.1 KB, 573x526, 1487394797982.jpg)

Is that pronounced as 2 syllables or as 4?

File: ci538mjg84cg.png (339.36 KB, 960x720, 1490502130333.png)

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What is this facial expression conveying?
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File: 8wj9c0txqcxs.png (171.33 KB, 960x720, 1491792119342.png)

>you think I would like them as well?
Yes! Everyone I know who has tried Little Witch Academia has liked it.


I beg to differ.


File: wfo36arrfegw.png (282.97 KB, 526x353, 1498839460605.png)

I understand.

Just like I like sharing music that I like. But I don't get to share it for long. Maybe it's because it's normy music.


File: ldluh1ihn1ts.gif (109.06 KB, 209x193, 32d.gif)


may as well make a thread about this 'cause y'all have nothing better to talk about anyways

like I said in the vidya thread, as of about eleven days ago I'm officially for realsies 18. so, to get sappy for a second, I'm glad I hang around here with you fucks. when it came to picking a terrible internet community to burn a chunk of my formative years on, at least I spent that time with you guys instead of, like, some fuckin' Kingdom Hearts shipping forum or something.

luv u bbs <3
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i'm just full of surprises

literally, I've replaced my internal organs with kinder eggs


That's illegal you fucking homo!


I've never had a kinder egg

File: pb3h19mkfzls.png (295.6 KB, 1024x1269, knight_fluttershy__vector_….png)


How old were you when you realized there are no such thing as cyber knights and you had to see the harsh reality that you couldn't be one when you grew up?


File: vh55owct10xs.png (102.15 KB, 184x328, sunfish-rarity.png)

This video is unavailable.
Sorry about that.

>there are no such thing as cyber knights

This exists, though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Cyber_Command

File: thcee7rag8ow.png (214.98 KB, 644x589, 1493150153802.png)


Is anyone else here watching Little Witch Academia? It's gotten quite interesting in the past couple of episodes, and tomorrow is the final episode.
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File: is4ot504k3cw.png (614.05 KB, 1280x1506, 1495833826865.png)


File: rh1d88kx2juo.jpg (34.95 KB, 379x397, 1491003808321.jpg)

eat mushrooms with


File: hcuf2g91y6tc.png (719.78 KB, 1280x720, 1498508186562.png)

My wife Ursula-sensei rocking that new old hair color

File: z5pdqq0b8u80.jpg (126.71 KB, 960x896, 19030261_1756137574403595_….jpg)


Reminder that Vausten went without washing his uniform or clothes for a week while on a ship because he couldn't find the ship laundry room.
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File: 12szrkyeojf0.jpeg (146.98 KB, 948x1096, 1497822039198.jpeg)


I showed this one to my coworkers


File: lqfh9rurikn4.jpg (87.79 KB, 600x701, abaf9f310859cb016ff6b4b4ea….jpg)


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File: sz4uvoukrf9c.jpg (135.17 KB, 803x995, 709869c659acffb373baece7b5….jpg)

That is the only way I will do 20 years is if the Navy makes Space Destroyers


File: sj4pzgwizi0w.gif (1.82 MB, 175x175, 1396771127345.gif)

Because aside from your cultural biases to slap your cocks against each other for what I assume is no good reason: submarines go UNDER THE WATER and space ships go INTO SPACE which is not only a major tactical advantage to control >99% of the known universe, (I'll have you know Russia controls way less than half of the known universe,) but also a submarine regardless of how well-stocked it is in Tomahawks or swarthy seamen will provide little resistance against a stealth bomber, orbital drone strikes, or if we take it to its logical extreme: the death star.

Now obviously you don't actually think that "Sea, space, what's the difference? they're both tin cans, right?" because that'd be LUDICROUS. But even if you are just weighting in on domestic military matters, which we are all qualified to do after all, especially us foreigners, I think the US has more than a big enough navy to afford to spend a little more on not-the-navy.

And let us all just agree that a submarine and a space shuttle is principally the same but not functionally, and trying to retrofit the SSBN with thrusters probably wont be very successful. I am glad we had this conversation and can now part as friends.


File: 46u26w68etmo.png (79.81 KB, 900x793, full (2).png)

Space is pretty big though. You can defend soem tiny dust speck in space. Our planet for instance. But defend space? hmm

File: yiefpmzzxb7k.jpg (69.26 KB, 480x720, eunwoo25.jpg)


this is a boy in korea


File: 9knrq7uruxs0.gif (1.97 MB, 400x232, 1498422098202.gif)

I keep seeing those fruity fucks whenever I go on the tumbles to look at my buddies art.
Too bad their music is also shit.

File: xojk53xh3sw0.jpg (25.55 KB, 400x370, 1481049576832.jpg)


"Coming into Ben."

-Nim 2017.
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File: vdtzww6z0phc.jpg (30.94 KB, 640x440, 18403336_1798676533777600_….jpg)

Because the price was on the tab at the end. I gave up drinking months ago, now I just drink beer at home. Doing that won't get me in trouble over some random bullshit.


File: dix2bh9ll0cg.jpg (7.71 KB, 237x231, 19225826_1348862868496093_….jpg)

Stop making me feel


>50$ jagerbombs
Either those were the biggest jagerbombs in the known world or the eternal island merchant strikes again.

File: 81eibvufn6dc.jpg (24.47 KB, 206x255, THE BLACK FAGGOT MATTERS.jpg)


What is your opinion on Black Lives Matter?


A bunch of faggots focusing on the wrong part of the issue, also used as an excuse for the dumbest parts to make problems worse.

File: o0d3iag4klj4.jpg (87.89 KB, 760x597, WWI mud.jpg)


I really gotta stop coming on here and using every trip and name I created to just argue with myself.
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File: 580emv8289ts.png (24.98 KB, 556x571, Ames2.png)

I prefer not to remember that fact. Three perfectly good cigars were lost that day.


File: onz2852lubr4.jpg (38.39 KB, 452x400, 132373523065.jpg)

The most brilliant of military commanders, and pretty much able to outdo the North in any way, shape, or form, and your embarrassment is cigars.


File: mb7ay7abemtc.jpg (144.8 KB, 695x1041, IMG_3252.JPG)


File: qxhn22775rls.jpg (28.68 KB, 960x548, 1497749815034[1].jpg)


What the fuck was that

why u delet my shit
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File: 8qn5vyraquww.jpeg (108.28 KB, 499x488, 1491062613847.jpeg)

>fox is into wood working
I am finally no longer alone.
I'm a fan of cherry oak and mertyle wood when it comes to wood working. Shit looks amazing and is durable as fuck.




File: e88tnoo0kfsw.jpg (843.33 KB, 2560x1440, 20170601_212342.jpg)

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File: rf5wmk3cic5c.gif (1.92 MB, 400x208, 1438725230190.gif)

Con chicks are crazy, and I don't fugg crazy.


File: t5hhu1r4j2m8.jpg (83.39 KB, 736x981, 04d78012801fd129ac353b5a7b….jpg)

But Tracer…

Bitches be crazy.


File: ubyj613zk1z4.png (60.97 KB, 699x792, 5234.png)

Certainly explains why I haven't gotten laid in three years.

File: sup8zpqf569s.png (375.23 KB, 642x629, 1469564325345.png)


ITT: lolis sipping tea or other beverages


File: 3ne0q0ye69vk.jpeg (89.66 KB, 1280x720, 1487901024411.jpeg)

>tfw no one to talk to on discord


File: vngpxwzcuebk.png (7.38 KB, 200x200, fluttershy_by_fallayn-d72y….png)

But what do you want to talk about?

File: ahqwwz584tfk.jpg (107.56 KB, 1000x1039, elf-cat.jpg)


Elf  pussycat 


File: s94md227nh8g.jpg (138.79 KB, 600x900, warcraft_blood_elf_by_lena….jpg)


[muffled orc chanting in the distance]

File: yo9dcryafbi8.jpg (1.51 MB, 1698x1131, 1474242941238.jpg)




File: qjve6rbc9dds.jpg (141.93 KB, 1280x854, snake-banana.jpg)


File: 56ta6tyxn3y8.png (361.35 KB, 1256x526, 1404338648338.png)


File: s2lqihlyc9og.jpg (35.85 KB, 640x480, snake-small-white-in-hand.jpg)

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