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Everfree Forest Channel

Welcome to the Everfree Forest Channel: efchan as it’s commonly known, an imageboard spawned from a community originally formed around the surprise online smash hit “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Final Announcement — by admin at Tue 18 Jul 17 12:48:34

The site will be closing September 12, 2017 due to lack of activity.

Your cake will be served soon.

Staff Change — by co-admin at Thu 27 Oct 16 12:35:53

Jacey has resigned as a moderator. Goats has been removed due to lack of activity.

Due to our smaller userbase, Tracer Bullet has been added as a moderator. Further mods will be added if necessary but it is unlikely.

Current staff list as follows:

- Doctor Lee
- Cross Breeze
- Tracer Bullet
- Whelp
- Radiance
- Papaya

Link to the Draft Rules document — by Admin at Sat 01 Nov 14 22:23:45


Second Annoucement — by Admin at Sat 25 Oct 14 18:48:11

/ef/ board is up and ready to go.

First Announcement Ever — by Admin at Fri 24 Oct 14 06:10:55

Yes, I know this looks pretty awfully empty.

Please be patient until we can get everything to work out properly as I deal with technical issues and real life obligations.

Currently only >>/eftest/ and >>/site/ exist.

In the meantime, please exercise at least some restraint. Until the transitional period is over, temporary janitors and elected moderators will be in force patrolling the boards to remove any spam, NSFW material, and otherwise illegal content until we have a fully live /ef/ board. Spoilering NSFW content will grant extra leniency, but please no straight up pornography. Same rules as the old /ef/ applies until the new /ef/ is up and ready.

Email me at everfreechan@gmail.com if any problems arises, or for any ban/enforcement action appeals.

-Doctor Lee
-Cross Breeze
(Temporary, picked for timezone coverage and provisional status)

HUGE thanks for Macil at MLPchan for all the work and help he has provided so far, I really couldn't have done it without him.

Thank you for your patience.